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    No Paradigm in Standoff?

    Hmm.. just wondering why you did not include Paradigm-Class Destroyers in Standoff? After all they are the only know Capship the TCN operated in the Fringe Region of Gemini. I know they are not much more then a better Corvette, but was just curios. :confused:
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    FRLS Guadalcanal?

    What kind of Vessel is the FRLS Guadalcanal? Just found it in your progress list and was curios what class it had.
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    Revolution in the Granita System

    TNC Newsbrief scene #13 Revolution in the Granita System get here A Confed System that wants to leave the TCN... well any one know were the Granita System is?
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    Number of Fighters on Space Stations?

    Just about how many Fighters are their on Kilrathi/Terran Starbases? Lighter Carries about 50 Fleet-Carriers have about 100 Super Carriers have about 400 But what about Starbases? Especially big once like Ella or Perry? :confused:
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    Looking for WC 4 Pirat Cockpit Animation/Screenshot

    Does any one have a Clip, Gif or Screenshot of the Pirate Cockpit Animation from WC4? :confused:
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    re: Blast From the Past, Part 7

    :confused: Just read trough the newest News in CIC and something struck me as odd.. There is a Picture showing 6 Ships first two being BWU Banshees but the next 2.. are just odd.. looks Kilrathish.. but not really.. does any one have a clue what Fighter that could be? (their two of them)