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    Air Force

    Well, I'm now an A1C in the US Air Force. After I graduate techschool in June, I'm going to Ramstein AB in Germany. I'm an Intel Analyst. And now I can finally devote some time to Wing Commander again.
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    EU Constitution

    Never thought I'd see the day:
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    Crazy Nazi Kitten Impaler!

    ROFL!! When I saw the avatar I was just given, I nearly died laughing! Thanks, to whomever did that to me! :p
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    Differences between WCIV CD and DVD version

    I'm referring, specifically, to the ultra high quality dvd version, and the 6 cd version. So far, the only thing I've for sure noticed is that when Seether kills Paulsen, you don't really see the throat being slit in the DVD version. It seems that Pliers is much more talkative in the...