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    favorite Wing comander games

    Hi, what is your facorite wing comander game? of wha I have played my fave is Privateer.
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    your ffavorite freeware games besides privateer/vega strike

    hi, Since we all are palying a free ware game I was woundering what other free ware games you may have found.
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    the name game

    hi, here are the rules I type a famous persons name like Adam West the next person types a name that begins with the first letter of the last name like Will Riker the first person to repeat a name loses ends the game and some one posts game over _ loses and we start again. First name Johnny Cash
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    favorite TV Trek

    hey, which is your favorite TV Trek
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    do you like Cats?

    just woundering if ya'll like cats
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    dumbass question?

    Hi, I am thinking this would be adressed in the readme so the lable...but when I extract the WCU patch do I start WCU by just starting privatter and I have all the new features or do I click some thing else? and I am on nyquil....
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    wishlist for 2.0 or latter

    Since I don't know how close we are to seeing 2.0 but I would like to know what features you would like to see added subtracted or modified?
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    favoritE doctor

    who is your favorite Doctor on Doctor who?
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    star wars v Star Trek

    which is better star Wars or Star Trek?
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    Hi, This is not supposed to be a my OS is better than yours thread, but I was wondering what opperating systems your running. I'm running windows and Suse 9.2.
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    hi, Could soem one post the fields for the CVS in the .privateer100\serialized_xml folder?
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    milspec glaxy

    Hi, I am thinking I have seen a millspec what are the difrences between the milspec Galaxy and the normal Galaxy? IMHO I think it should be kept but should differ in the following..more turrets two waist tail and auto track on the chin guns and less cargo space. I'll admit the factthe nose of...
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    video problem

    Hi, I can't get WCU to run in full screen but privateer works quite well, am I doing some thing wrong or is this just how the code is working right now?
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    pimpin' out your ride

    hi, any one flying around with a custom paint Job? If so please post the pics of your ships here.... -Upyr1
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    my fleet

    Hi, I was woundering if there was any way I could transfer components from one ship to an other, or higher a pilot for the extra ship(s)?
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    economics 101 comment on the thread

    Hi, trying this again with a little less beer and Ganja.... my typing still sucks becuse I can't freaking type. Any how what would you like to see changed to the current privateer economics model?Here is my list. 1. ore- IMHO the mining baeses should sell ore which you can sell at...
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    comment on content

    This will get me banedand I don'g give a damn, but may some one scope your brains out of your skull so what my spelling isn't the best post replies on content not spelling unless it is unreadable. People while state that they have some reason for speling horibaly, in part becuse may be that is...
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    ecenomics 101

    Hi, what changes would you like to see done to the ecenomic model if any? here is my list...
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    saving my rep

    Hi, I rescued a pirate for a buko load of chash and I was wondering after doing this if ther is any way to get my reputaion back which while isn't spotless didn't gt me balsted by militia or should I just say shiver me tembers and call myself a bucaneer?
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    Hi, Not knowing how to realy read code right now I was woundering how dificult would be to alter the game so that you could either beam or lead a team of mercenaries to board nd capture capitol ships? It would be good to march through one of the vessiles and fight of a random amount of guards...