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    Wing Commander Academy TV series

    Hi, I want to ask if there are some next sequels to wing commander academy tv cartoon or if there are only 13 parts of it hosted on this site....cuz I love this serie... Many thanks for answers...
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    Need Help with Mission: A Cruiser Remains in SO

    Hi, im playing secret ops and im stuck in this mission, in NAV3 there are some confed allies jumping in, and you are there to escort them back to Cerbeus, and whatever im doiing when I get back to Cerbeus the computer says MISSION FAILED I must not loose any of the allied ships aso...I have met...
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    Dialogue skiping in WCSO..

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem witch is that some longer dialogues in game are just skiped, I mean, you can her the firs two words, than skip, the middle two words, and skip and then the ending, but there is no frame skip like in the Kilrathi saga movies...any suggestion??