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    Anyone Remember?

    Valor, battleships aren't used in WC for the same reason battleships aren't still around in real life.
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    Privateer Runs In Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You must tell us how! HOW!!!! :D
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    Catscratch Appearance...

    Well you can see the guy who played Flash in A Beautiful Mind, as Russell Crowe's character's competition in university.
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    LOAF, do you buy EVERYTHING?

    I'm sure there's a way to exploit this weakness in LOAF. If somebody buys some WC merchandise, make it available on eBay you could turn quite a handsome profit. :D
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    Whatever happened to Radio Rollins?

    No clue. Probably moved onto SigInt or ComInt at Confed Intelligence.
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    Pelican Transport Information?

    Isn't the volume of hydrogen in space like 3 atoms per cubic meter?
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    Pelican Transport Information?

    That still doesn't explain why when you are at 0 kps, and Midway is at 0 kps, and then fly past it at 1500 kps, it still takes like 5 seconds to fly past it. :D
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    Pelican Transport Information?

    Stellar crosswind? :D
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    Pelican Transport Information?

    Yeah, WC measurements are screwed up. Midway is 1.83 kilometers long from what I remember, but if you're flying at full afterburner it takes longer than 1 second to fly past it. :D
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    Pelican Transport Information?

    =P Here's the finished info sheet just like the Excal one. :D
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    Pelican Transport Information?

    Thanks Loaf. :D What about manufacturer?
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    Pelican Transport Information?

    Does anybody happen to know the length and mass of the Pelican transport from WCP? :) I finished my Pelican transport ship (finally) and I'm wanting to produce an info sheet for it but I don't have the specific information. Here's some pics of my finished Pelican:
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    Favorite Kilrathi Ship . . .

    The original Strakhas looked pretty damn awesome. The WC3 ones looked like crap. :D
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    Fighter Registries?

    You wouldn't happen to know the registries of the Darket, Dralthi, and Vaktoth would ja? :D
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    Potential Marine Force Recon change

    I think you should use the Lithtech 2.5 engine (AVP2/Global Ops) engine because it's extremely good for open environments, or you could use the Quake3 or UT2 engines beacuse they allow for large amounts of polys. I would suggest for smooth fps, you use textured ladders not brush ones. :p
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    Fighter Registries?

    Wow where did that one come from? :) Do Kilrathi ships use registry numbers?
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    Fighter Registries?

    Does anybody know the registration type of the Pelican transport ship? :D
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    Favorite tactics

    Tactics!? I never thought tactics were any good in WC. In WC1 and 2 I used to fly head-on cuz that was the only time I could ever hit them enough to get a kill most of the time. In WC3-P for me it was flying around pointlessly shooting their tail until they died. :D
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    WC too glossy like Star Trek?

    In literary terms, that is a fallicious statement because it is a non sequitur fallacy. The there is no justification for that argument based on the grounds given. Tell THAT to the average B5-hater. :D
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    Request for WC1 animation

    Wow nice stuff Sadic!!! ;) Well the animations I am needing are more from classic Wing Commander 1. :D Thanks for the offer but I'll be making my own Kilrathi fighters for my movie--later era ones too. Keep up the good work Sadic!