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    Fic Critic needed

    I am writing a NON-WC fic (which is why I posted this here rather than the fanfic board) and I need a proofreader/critic, someone who is experienced with good writing and could help me improve mine. The job may not pay much but atleast you may prevent at least a little bit of crappy fiction from...
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    The sonic accelerator

    i was looking through the ships database and I noticed this weapon, , and was wondering what it was and how it might work. Does the sonic mean it causes damage by vibrating the other ships hull somehow? (wish i had armada so i could atleast see it...
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    How many Prophecy era fighters can a vesuvius carry?

    how many prophesy era fighters can a vesuvius carry? i know that proph age fighters are much smaller than the wc3-4 ones (iirc, loaf said that) so how many more can the vesuvius carry? and i don't mean any of the destroyed ones either :p
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    if you had a kilrathi dreadnought and a few trillion credits?

    how would you go about upgrading it? what would you add?
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    Is there any aspect of Wing Commander that hasn't been debated to death?

    personally im beginning to doubt it
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    if confed had just finished fighting the pilgrims

    how were they caught unprepared when the kilrathi attacked?
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    Tolwyn: fallen hero or villian?

    did tolwyns actions during WC4 count for more than his years of service defending humanity? is he a hero that made a VERY big mistake or someone that shouldn't have existed?
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    Vesuvius refit

    All vesuvius carriers have been sent to drydock to be refitted to better combat the nephilm. what things would you add/remove?
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    WC ground forces

    what equipment do the forces of WC (human, kilrathi etc) have for fighting planetside?
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    A discussion on the true nature of the Nephilim

    this has probably allready been done before but what do you believe the nephilm are all about? since almost nothing is known about them it leaves alot of room for deduction. Whats your theory?
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    how many?

    kilrathi soldiers will fit into a marine LC? not a joke.
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    what is the capital of the borderworld union?

    i need the name of the system and or planet that is currently the capital of the union of borderworlds [Edited by $tormin on 05-20-2001 at 23:13]
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    Which WC game has the best music?

    cmon. whats the matter? no speakers :D lets hear which game IN YOUR OPINION had the best music. :)
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    I need WC materials for 3d models

    For my school project im doing a WCish spacebattle scene and the materials i made frankly suck. so i need help. thanks.
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    Why did you pick your name?

    Some of you have interesting names and i wanted to know why you chose them.
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    Need Prophecy map with borders

    im doing a fanfic for a friend and though i had to put away the book (real novel) i was writing i am going to do a good job with it. to preclude any continuity errors i require a jumppoint map with the borders and jump lines. thanks
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    what would have happened to sether

    if the ge program had really been canceled. would he have been destryed with the rest of the research materials? by research materials i mean the lab animals. [Edited by $tormin on 04-30-2001 at 22:06]
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    how do i get the evil blair ending in WC4?

    i gave it a couple of tries but nothing worked. how do i do it?
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    theres a person at my school named chris blair :)

    her name is christina blair. i saw it on the grad lists. who else knows a person with a name like that :)
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    You vs a kilrathi

    you get whatever weapon you want. but you have to be creative. I use this :D