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    5.5 quake in Toronto Canada

    Toronto Ontario Canada just had a 5.5 earthquake. Quake centered along the Ontario/Quebec boarder. Shaking lasted about 20 to 30 seconds. Some people reporting aftershocks. Reports coming in that it was felt as far away as places like: Sudbury, Ohio, New York... 5.5 isn't all that...
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    WC crossover with Guyver (zoanoids)

    This is an idea I kicked around for a while a few years back and tinkered with to get a "crossover" idea for you fan-writers... especially those with a Kilrathi-persuation. History: Basically, the "GUYVER" series (anime/comics/whatever) history on a general level with a few changes. At the...
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    other WC items - checks/checkbooks/etc

    Anyone know if there are any sites that offer WC themed checks, checkbooks, or that kind of thing? I'm looking for something in a Kilrathi theme. If you don't know any, are there any that offer "custom designs" where you upload your own images? rapierdragon
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    WC3 compiled movie - questions and review

    I was wondering if there is a similar project for WC4? Or perhaps someone can figure out how to extract the animations from WC1 and WC2 and do movies for them? WC3 was certainly well done (see my thorough review below), but I hope a "fixed" version is released in the future, or at least some...
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    jalkehi model

    Can anyone tell me where I can get some good ship models that I can easily put into the pepakura paper-model-maker? Mostly I'm looking for Kilrathi ships (with the main interest being the Jalkehi). rapierdragon
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    wc3 for pc, only with 3D0 or psx clips

    Has anyone done a patch/crack for the PC version of WC3 so that all the deleted scenes can be re-added? I mean scenes with like Hobbes holo-message explaining his death, or the other scenes that are included with the PSX or 3D0 version of the game. (And while I'm asking, maybe replacements...