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    IRC Op Abuse

    Weep in greater ammounts
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    Wc V ending

    they had maniac training pilots back in wc2 expansion
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    The Word Game

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    Fic Critic needed

    I already PM'ed Fraix the links and I am now sending them to you overmortal. When can I expect the critical reviews from the both of you?
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    The Word Game

    Dead Cats
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    The Word Game

    Great film
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    Celebration of Freedom

    I dislike petaphiles and I try to annoy them at every turn. Here is a piece of advice though, don't put anti-peta bumber stickers on your vehicle because that is an invitation to get your windows smashed in, wear an anti-peta shirt so they atleast are within punching range if they wanna try...
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    Fic Critic needed

    I am writing a NON-WC fic (which is why I posted this here rather than the fanfic board) and I need a proofreader/critic, someone who is experienced with good writing and could help me improve mine. The job may not pay much but atleast you may prevent at least a little bit of crappy fiction from...
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    B5/WC Crossover- "Battle of Sum'Tlor"

    Why the hell do people re-post that sort of stuff here? if anyone cared in the least bit, they would already know about it :rolleyes:
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    breathing in wing commander:P

    yay! where is my damn stasis pod, I wanna live there :(
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    Pre WC1 Kilrathi fighters

    A few of the fighters seen in wc3 were around before WC1
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    Kilrathi Dreadnought 2.0

    Nice :) . I wish I wasn't so lazy with my programs that I could model that good :(
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    DragonCons 2004 & 2005

    well you do know that there are times of the day when the only people active there is chaz and twigboy, meaning the entire conversation for hours consists of twigboy saying "..."
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    DragonCons 2004 & 2005

    One of the reasons I have AC in my computer room. And it is small enough to move to my bedroom whenever I get bored of being in #wingnut ;)
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    DragonCons 2004 & 2005

    Actually I live on Vancouver Island. I haven't even visited vancouver since I learned that is where TC lived :p
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    The Behemoth

    I would just like to see the bugs reaction if you shot the behemoth's gun through the gate while it was open, then destroy the gate. I am sure, though, that a few thousand CSM's with the biggest warheads avalable through the bug gate would be much more effective.
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    DragonCons 2004 & 2005

    I would be flying out of Vancouver, BC. Canada
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    DragonCons 2004 & 2005

    I might actually go to the '04 dragon*con. The airline ticket might be pricey though so I had better start saving now :cool:
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    Midway Carrier Program - Pros/Cons

    The midway concept is a good idea if used properly, but properly using equipment seems to be the exception in WC rather than the rule. Carriers were never ment to duke it out with capships but in every wc game I have played, they do (also the escort, or lack thereof, problems among many more.)
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    Smoking Gun

    You couldn't tell that by how some of those idiots drive through school zones around here, or the busy intersections.