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    EV Nova: Wing Commander Plugins?

    Can't find any on google. There was a thread here where someone was going to work on one. Did that ever pan out?
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    The hulk (no spoilers yet)

    This was bound to come up sooner or later so I will start. I personally liked it. Hulk origin is mildly hard to follow and perhaps a bit unreal. But makes sense wrt the story. Some subplots are very 'comic'. Not in the funny way but in the Marvel way. May not be appreciated by some. The...
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    WC on a laptop

    Anybody ever played WC or any other game for that matter on a laptop? Thinking of getting a laptop but I'm a little worried where I'd stick my joystick in ...
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    Finally watched the movie ...

    Yup, rented the WC movie on tape. However I had to return it and I'm curious what the callsigns for the other pilots were. Any others from the games besides the obvious few? ------------------ Mess with the best, die like the rest.
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    Netscape 6 Preview Release 2

    For those of you who were really annoyed at the preview release 1 bugs PR2 seems to have a few of them. But now the Javascript support is messed up. At least the CIC page looks right now! ------------------ Mess with the best, die like the rest.
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    April fools

    That was a good joke. For a couple seconds I was really scared that Frosty was moderator on all the boards. And it doesn't help that I'm ~12 hours ahead here is Australia. I was thinking, "isn't it April 2nd?" ... ------------------ Mess with the best, die like the rest.
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    things are getting slow ...

    Is it just me or are things getting kinda slow around here? There don't seem to be as many new posts/topics. Hell I just logged on after several hours of playing MOM and there are no new posts! Usually I come back 15mins later and there's stuff to read ... ------------------ Mess with the best...
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    Priv2 Kraken lasers

    How do you get them? My theory is that I have to take out that big-ass military ship with all those guns, then tractor the guns in or something like that.
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    Kilrathi smilies ...

    Lookee what I made: Smiling Kilrathi Frowning Kilrathi Angry Kilrathi (look out!) Tell me what you think about them!
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    Help getting Privateer working

    When I try and run Priv I get a "Not enough Dos memory" error. config.sys: DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE RAM 16384 DOS=HIGH DOS=UMB FILES=50 BUFFERS=50 LASTDRIVE=K DEVICE=C:\CDPRO\VIDE-CDD.SYS /D:MSCD001 device=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\display.sys con=(ega,,1)...
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    help getting Privateer working?

    I installed Priv and when I run from Windows through a DOS window I get: "Protected mode driver is not responding to EMS function calls. Make sure your EMS driver is not configured with the NOEMS option. If it is, replace the option "NOEMS" with "RAM"." I checked my config.sys and it says...
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    parallel port ...

    Can anyone tell me the procedure of transfering data from one computer to another through a parallel port?