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    I brought WCIV on on tuesday took 3 days to download. because of my internet connection. Now it crashs everytime i click on my icon. i cannt remember the error message it crashes my hd at the same time. or i can started it and it go a black screen with a error message i cannt get too it...
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    Opinions needed

    I planning on a alternate wc timeline. in which it has the same history up to after the bomb run on kilrah. Which the Emperor survives, and carries on the bloody war. my story would start in 2677. what do you guys think? Would Ticonderoga make a good carrier name?
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    i read the sticky post. i was curious has anyone got it to work? i just tried it today. i tried most of the suggest still no dice.
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    Ship screenshots

    Anyone know where i get some screenshots of the different confed and UBW ships. Ones that can used on a new website
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    Couple Dosbox questions and one not so wc related

    1. anything i can do to minizum the sound skipping in ksagawc3 and wcp? oh any fixes for wc3 crashes? 2. I have wc4 dvd with two sides can i run in dosbox? 3. will sdosbox have any effect on my modern games?