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    Battlestar galactica - "33" online at sci fi

    for those of you who have broadband but dont have cable/sat, you can watch the first episode of the new battlestar galactica series on No adverts or anything, tried it before and it seems fine. no idea on how long it'll...
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    Confederation Light Carrier - post WCP era

    Time to feed my design to the wolves it would seem... :) First things first, this ship timeline wise should fit in 5-6 years after the midway class. she's between a third and half of the midways length and two thirds her width... (guesstimate). She has a Full Squadron of fighter pilots...
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    homeworld game engine...

    The homeworld game engine has been released by relic... does this interest anyone? :cool:
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    The Dawn of the Wing commander revival, or a false start?

    as we have very little information on WCTV and the gba version of WCP, what do you guys think of WC's future? I personally have great hopes, but what do you guys think?
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    Wing Commander Academy what do you think of it?

    I've just downloaded the first two episodes of WCA and i've found them quite enjoyable, they are kinda story - lite and the tigers claw just doesn't look right and acting as okay bar the Kilrathis responce to being rammed by an escape pod : "we've...
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    Wing Commander TV show... a severe lack of news?

    it has been anounced on the PNR web site but has there been any press release or any other anouncements? who are going to behind this new series bar PNR? when is it going to be released? I think its time to do some detective work :)
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    yet another fan movie in the works :)

    me and a few of my friends are currently debating the possibity of a wing commander fan movie and heres after one nights worth of work heres what we've come up with so far, aint much as i've only started to make a concerted effort to learn max. but I think it looks real sweet. Credits...