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  1. Supdon3

    Crazy stuff in SO1

    Lets forget about routinely sending out bombers on patrol missions, why when captured is Thrakhath wearing a Confed flight suit? They couldnt have found anything else for him? Why not leave him in his own suit? And even if it was the only thing for him to wear, why give him that data thingy they...
  2. Supdon3

    What is the best ship in P2

    Now that I have a few kills under my belt the missions are getting longer and the pirates nastier. My little Straith aint cutting it. What should I look to buy?
  3. Supdon3

    What is the book Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe?

    What is this book?
  4. Supdon3

    Stupid question

    Im playing P2 for the first time (Clive Owens, thats cool!) but i accepted a mission to help out the CIS, they are being overwhelmed by pirates at Hephestes. So I go there, kill them all, and then nothing. After a while I get a letter telling me thanks for nothing. What do I need to do?
  5. Supdon3

    Never enough Scimitars!

    How can LOAF say enough with the damn Scimitars?! For one, where exactly do we see so many? UE hasnt even come out yet. I havent seen any anywhere. And as if there could be to many anyway.
  6. Supdon3

    Privateer 2 patch in the files section

    can anyone tell me what it does?
  7. Supdon3

    How does one...

    Post from a computer other than the one my login is registered under? I figure its because its a different IP address at my mother's house. But how come the list of threads that have been accessed there (i can look but i cant touch) registers on my computer? I come home and i havent been to the...
  8. Supdon3

    The TCS Austin

    I dont know if we have a conjunctural class for the Austin already, but since it was supposed to be bigger than the Claw, could it be a Concordia class ship or would it be some as yet unknown class of carrier?
  9. Supdon3

    A little cap ship directory

    What do they call the place where they eat food on a ship? The mess hall? I probably will know it when someone tells me but right now i cnat think of it.
  10. Supdon3

    Make sure i got it right

    Well i finally took the time to finish up the ship chart i had started a while ago. Look it over and see if theres anything i should change if you get a moment. Thanks. [Edited by Supdon3 on 05-10-2001 at 02:54]
  11. Supdon3

    Colonel Halcyon

    Does anyone have a picture of the good Colonel doing his thing in the breifing room that they could post? Thanks BTW, is that even how you spell Halcyon?
  12. Supdon3

    WC 1 for SNES

    I got this game from Funcoland but it didnt come with any instructions. Could someone tell me what all the commands are for everything, auto pilot, changing weapons, using the comm etc.
  13. Supdon3

    WC1 dates

    Can anyone tell me the start and finish dates for the three campaigns in WC1, including SM1/2?
  14. Supdon3

    Ebay links

    Whats up with the eBay links? They are all links to auctions not in the US. I went to eBay, did a search and couldnt even find those auctions.
  15. Supdon3

    Lock down

    Was anyone else having problems posting here? For the last few hours i was unable to post anything, it just told me i had to wait 50 seconds before i was allowed to.
  16. Supdon3

    Covering them there walls

    Wheres a good place to get WC wall papers, with images of ships more than the characters?
  17. Supdon3


    When the Stingray is clustered, it doesnt have any torpedoes but does it still have the capability to destroy cap ship components?
  18. Supdon3

    Tiger's Claw dates

    Just a two for now, what was the date of the final mission in SM2 and what was the date the Claw was destroyed?
  19. Supdon3

    Did this ever happen to you?

    Totally weird but i was just playing Secret Ops and i got to the point where the Vesuvius class ship is destroyed but instead of the cut scene that i always saw before all of a sudden im in a Devestator and can actually fly and fire. I manage to get a look at the Vesuvius and take a few pot...