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    Prophecy D3D driver problem

    Hi, Is there a known issue with the improved Prophecy D3D driver? I keep getting this message: "dinput:fetch2 fell out of loop" during gameplay and then the game crashes. Any ideas what it's all about?
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    WC1 - Swing Commander

    For those of you who like MIDI, specifically, Wedge, I've finally managed to record the Bar theme from the game into MIDI format, so you're all welcome to download it from my site . Enjoy!
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    Administration policies

    This post is especially directed towards LOAF, and let me start by saying that I don`t care what you do about it, I just wanted everyone to see it. One of the reasons I have stopped posting on a regular basis here, even though I do have more time on my hands now, is that, frankly, I am sick...
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    Yippie!! WC soundtrack!

    Just popped by to say I`m glad to see that there will be a WCI/II soundtrack. Oh, and hello all too... ;)
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    WC2 - A little too real?

    I was playing WC2 today, and since I`m a bit out of practice, I got shot to pieces in one of the missions. Goes something like this: Shields failing, armor chewed out, fuel tanks hit, accl absorbers hit, ejection warning light appears, the ship explodes... and my computer shuts down! :D...
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    Quick: Kilrathi Saga for exactly 200$. buy now!

    Anyone who`s willing to pay the 200$ go to Quick, before bidding starts!
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    Question for Wing Commander music gurus

    Anybody have a working and listenable Wing Commander I Bar theme midi file? I`ve been searching for one for ages but I can`t find it anywhere. HELP!
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    WC End Run

    End Run is available here: Or just look for it at . Hurry, there`s only 1 copy left.
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    Can`t access wcnews homepage

    Every time I try accessing from my PC at home, I get an error message that I am not authorized to view the page. This has been going on for some time, and I can only enter the CZ, any ideas?
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    Well I guess there was no Y2K+1 bug this year either. Anyhoo, welcome to the new Millennium from the Mad Hatter
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    What`s new, people?

    Hey everybody. I don`t have a lot of time to visit the CZ very frequently on account of my studies and everything any more. In fact I haven`t had a chance to pass by at all in the past couple weeks. Since the situation hasn`t changed much, and I can`t afford to read through every thread, I was...
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    I have some more music, only...

    I don`t have anymore room in my driveway account, unless I start removing some music. Anyone care to host me some web space (wink wink, administrators?)
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    Here`s a new one.

    What`s the funniest scene you ever saw in a WC game? For me, I`d have to say, WC3, when Blair comes up behind Maniac and Flint, when they talk about flashy Flash. At the end of the conversation Blair pats Maniac on the shoulder, and when he walks away, Maniac asks Flint if Blair pats her like...
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    Look what I found...

    I found a MOD file from the Amiga version of Wing Commander I. It`s the WC theme, and if anyone`s interested, you can hear it here: . It sounds a bit weird, but it`s nice. [This message has been edited by Mad...
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    Some more Forstchenizm

    I was wondering, although this has probably come up more than once, in End Run, and possibly other books by Forstchen, he mentions Capships achieving speeds of up to 10,000 KPS, which is a lot faster than what your fastest fighter can manage. That would mean that cap ships could outrun fighters...
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    A joystick problem

    I have this weird problem: I start WC1 or 2 KS version, and my joystick works fine. Then, about a minute into the game the stick just stops working, and that`s it.I can continue using mouse or keyboard, but not joystick. I don`t get this problem with any other game. Help, anyone?
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    I guess I`ll be the first to say it....

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Combat Information Center, Happy birthday to you. in my timezone, that is. [This message has been edited by Mad Hatter (edited August 09, 2000).]
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    WC3`s alternate endings

    You probably wouldn`t expect this type of question from a person of my rank, but seeing as I`ve only played WC3 once, until I finally bought it recently, I was wondering if, when choosing the losing path, where you have to defend earth, there`s a mission where you have to destroy this huge...
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    Extracting music from WC1 & 2 KS version

    I`m not sure this is really a technical issue, but does anyone know how I can extract music from the KS version of WC1 & 2, and while you`re at it, the rest of the series?
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    Just another question about WC music

    Last one, I promise. Does anyone here have Origin`s Audio CD vol. III? I think it came with some version of WC3 or something, correct me if I`m wrong. I was interested in aquiring it a while back, but not anymore since I made my own little soundtrack CD. I just wanted to know if anyone had it...