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    Pelican Transport Information?

    Does anybody happen to know the length and mass of the Pelican transport from WCP? :) I finished my Pelican transport ship (finally) and I'm wanting to produce an info sheet for it but I don't have the specific information. Here's some pics of my finished Pelican:
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    Request for WC1 animation

    Hey folks. Would anybody be able to make me an AVI or something of the WC1 launch sequence, after your briefing is over and you're like runnin' to yer fighter n' stuff? I'm interested in redoing that sequence in 3D as a tribute to Wing Commander, in my video, but I don't have WC1 any more any...
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    Base launch or patrol intercept?

    Hey I'm still working on my script for the Raiders movie project. What is more visually appealing and works into WC well, having alert five fighters launch to rescue an ambushed convoy, or having a patrol be rerouted because they're the closest to save them? Input would be really...
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    Do Confed transports carry commercial cargo?

    There are numerous cargo containers on Confed cargo transports. Confed ships huge amounts of who knows what interstellarly. So my question is this: does Confed ship commercial cargo on their transports or no, it's only military cargo? BTW this is for an animated movie project I'm doing. :)
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    Pelican Turrets?

    Can anybody supply me with close-up screenshots of the WC Prophecy Pelican cargo ship turrets? I'm trying to model a Pelican at the moment and am severely lacking in close-up shots. Thanks!
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    Can anybody supply me with flight suit pics?

    Hey folks, me again. Does anybody have or can acquire for me images of WC3-WC4 era flight suits? If so, could you please notify me? That'd be great! I need them so I can model a pilot for my Excalibur fighter, which is nearing completion.
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    Excalibur Cockpit Screenshot Required!

    URGENT! I need a screenshot of the inside of an Excalibur's cockpit (complete with joystick, throttle, VDUs and all) from WC3. I must have an in-game screenshot as they would be of the highest quality, or unless you can provide a better one. I need this shot ASAP! This is for my animated...
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    Engine Flame Red or Blue?

    Hey folks. I'm new here. :D I'm making a WC animated short and I'd like to know which colour is more popular for WC. Blue-white engine flames, or orange-white engine flames? In WC3, engine flames were blue-white, but in WC4 they were orangey-white, and in Prophecy they're not even...