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    Wing Commander Total Conversion: XWA

    This one never got finished, but I decided to put it out anyways. Download it here (21 megs) This is the only external file necessary to install the mod: ZT Patcher: apply the .ZT file to your v2.02 Xwingalliance.exe file This is a big crapload of WC1, WC2, and WC3 ships (with some...
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    Even more new stuff

    Oh, so purty!
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    Got Fleet Action?

    :-) I might get around to the Ralatha, Hakaga, Kamekh, and Snakeir as well.
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    Ongoing WC project about to break out

    Nob and Hades (and, a couple months later, I) started the Wing Commander Total Conversion to X-wing Alliance just over a year ago, and have made steady progress since then. We're almost ready to release a preview of the WC1 segment, since we have all 4 Confed and all 6 Kilrathi fighters done...