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    Casey's callsign

    Does Casey have an "offical" callsign anywhere, like Blair is officially Maverick even though you can change it in the game?
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    Better than Moslo? (WC1&2)

    Is there anything that will slow down the old, non KS versions of WC 1 & 2 that works better than Moslo? I'm not too thrilled with the results I get with Moslo. Actually I haven't really tried with WC1 yet, but I've never really thought Moslo was that great when using it with other old games...
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    Kilrathi Saga 1&2 cheating

    I know you can get invulnerability in the KS WC 1 & 2 versions, but is there any way to do the "blow up current target" thing as well? Because while I love the games, frankly I suck, and I get sick of losing escort missions so much, so I always wind up needing to cheat & blow up enemies once in...