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    Orbit Simulator

    This is an Orbit simulator I wrote quite a while's back. It doesn't work on all systems, it was a quick project that was not meant for distribution. If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you. It is not heavily debugged in that respect. It's an old project and I've lost the original...
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    WC RPG ideas

    If you are, perchance, skilled at all with writing software (C++ preferably, though I won't judge if you use Java -wink-), you might want to look into writing your own software to do it... then you have something that's reusable and you know exactly how to use it. It is rather time-consuming...
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    Running Super Wing Commander

    I've been making an attempt at running Super Wing Commander on a PC (being that my old 9500 is loooong gone... I miss that Mac). So far, I have SheepShaver installed, with Mac OS 9.0 as an image. After some fiddling to get SWC to run... it runs... but as with most older games, it's far too...
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    She's A Kuiper (June 19, 2006)

    The second pic is dark because technically the sun is to the opposite of the ship -- there is nothing to illuminate the carrier on that side. To correct LOAF -- Kuiper is not a 3d engine, Kuiper is a flight engine and a game that is built onto the Torque Game Engine (more precisely, the Torque...
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    Kuiper Engine w/ WC Models

    You may go ahead. My email is admin -at- kuattech dot com. Send them in any format; I personally prefer LWO, 3ds, MS3d... I personally find that it is not the models that are bad; they are quite good overall; it is the textures -- they were not meant to be used in a shader context.
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    I am leaving the community.

    Fuck you. And yes, I plan on being banned. I am waiting to be banned. I also wear women's underpants.
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    I am leaving the community.

    I am officially leaving the CIC community. Why? Because, simply put, the people are fucking assholes. I join the community, and right off, Psych and several other people begin degrading me, et cetera. So I try my hand at making models, and people such as Eder tell me that I suck, am an asshole...
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    Origin Sound track

    George Oldziey will send you a sample CD if you request it. Just email him.
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    The Hha'ifra

    Do you think Thrakhath would DARE have his flagship be a measly destroyer?
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    Allegience, Freespace 2 and the State of the Spacegenre

    Allegiance had a crapass training mode. Thats about the only SP there was.
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    WC Alternatives

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    Extended Timeline (for Bob)

    So you are saying that Confed abandoned the leap year system? Or did they just change the length of the second to coorespond to it?
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    Allegience, Freespace 2 and the State of the Spacegenre

    They will say that in 2008.
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    Political Compass

    Very true. I've always prefered authority over anarchy... so for some reason i think that compass is off...
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    Extended Timeline (for Bob)

    That is again assuming that they rounded the year to 365 days. I also didn't take into account the fact that it wasnt exactly 35 years.
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    President match II

    I have been reviewing what I said earlier, and I found some of my comments immature and disrespectful. I retract them, and would like to apologize to anyone I might have upset.
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    President match II

    Because Psych flamed Liberals.
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    Extended Timeline (for Bob)

    365.25 wouldn't be accurate, though.
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    President match II

    I could really care less about your opinion. Now define 'additions to canon'. Is it something that Chris Roberts came up with? Or Origin? I know that your projects aren't. You have only slight proof about what you are making, then you make it and call it canon, even though it isn't in the...
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    Extended Timeline (for Bob)

    Prove me wrong, and write out your calculations. Or better yet, stop interfering in my affairs unless you have something useful to say. LOAF: Are those death statistics for the war only, or do they include pre-war casualties?