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  1. meisdavidp

    reasonable predictions for a new WC game

    Let's talk about what's likely to be the case if those rumors we heard about are true. These are all guesses, but I'm trying to keep them realistic. 1. The game will in all likelyhood not be numbered officially. Unless I'm mistaken, neither was prophesy. The point here is that numbering in...
  2. meisdavidp

    A cool contest I found where you can win a Wii

    I don't know if anyone here is in dire need of a Nintendo Wii, but I ran across a contest to win one and one of the conditions of it was to mention it in other places on the internet. Here's the link: . If this counts as spam, please delete the...
  3. meisdavidp

    News For Space Sim Fans: X2 and X3 on Steam

    Source: I saw that 2 days ago and had a look around. No more Starforce protection on them (Steam doesn't need it). Also, since Steam is a piece of software that a large (as in enormous) percentage of computer gamers are likely to have (Can't...
  4. meisdavidp

    What games at E3 are you most excited about?

    I'm really looking forward to The Ship and the new Sonic game for PS3. Curious about what everyone else is interested in, though.
  5. meisdavidp

    Who's looking forward to Tomb Raider:Legend?

    I highly reccomend you try the demo if you haven't already. Legend looks like it could definately do a lot to redeem the series after the Angel of Darkness fiasco. At last, a return to tomb raiding instead of a damn tour of urban France.
  6. meisdavidp

    Something truly original: a WWII rpg

    Before I say anything else, I have neither the interest nor know-how to make anything like this, just thought I'd pose a topic for discussion. I see people complaining all the time about how so many games released nowadays are rehashes of old cliches so I was thinking to myself "What's never...
  7. meisdavidp

    Hey SAGA team: what'd you accomplish last month?

    Don't care what's left to do, I'm curious as to what exactly was accomplished last month.
  8. meisdavidp

    does anyone other than me have Steam Half-Life 1(and mods) problems

    This is probably not really the place for this, but I figured I'd try anyhow. A day ago, I downloaded the Half-Life Anthology (HL 1, Blue Shift, Opposing Force and Team Fortress) from Steam and started play half-life. Everything worked fine until I closed it to get some work done and then later...
  9. meisdavidp

    WC4 crashes computer after closing

    Hey, not sure if there is already a thread that mentions this... If so, please remove this post or move it to that thread. Anyhow my problem is when I run WC4 (CD version) on my computer (Windows XP) it runs fine but as soon as I quit, the next thing I do BS'o'deths... this has had some nasty...
  10. meisdavidp

    Some thoughts on Priv II

    Hi. I'm fairly new to these forums, the CIC and basically WC in general. The last thing I want to do is offend anyone. If I post this or anything else in the wrong place, please let me know or move my post (and let me know what I did wrong). Also, as I am fairly new to these forums, please bare...