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    Do you autopilot?

    Just wanna know if you guys fly a mission, do you autopilot or just let it fly to the location yourself.
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    Privateer crashes

    I've noticed that Privateer crashes back to DOS when you try to mount a tractor beam on the bottom turret of a Galaxy. Gives you a fatal error...anyone know what's goin on?
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    Privateer beatable with Galaxy?

    I tried using the Galaxy in Privateer and I got some bad results. First mission already blown to bits. I meet like 2 Retros and they pulverize me within 30 seconds. The ship is huge!! So is it even possible to play the game with the Galaxy?
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    WC Timeline

    If I wanted to start from the very very beginning of the WC Universe, where would I start? What sources would I use? This includes games, books, movies, whatever is WC related. Thanks.
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    Privateer sys. requirements

    I'd like to know what the system requirements for Privateer are. The ones on the box I guess. I wanna slow down my computer appropriately with Moslo so that the game runs at the right speed. Thanks.:)
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    I'm playing WC Privateer right now and I've noticed that some of the sounds have static instead. I checked the directory and it's missing the priv.tre file. I got Privateer from an abandonware site. I guess they didn't include that large priv.tre file. I'm wondering if anyone has that file...