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    Amazon Kindle

    I'm planning on grabbing myself an Amazon Kindle 3G once it's released here in the UK at the end of the month. I have most of the available WC books in hard copy. But does anyone happen to know if they are in e-book form yet?
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    Star Trek Online Open Beta (Fileplanet)

    Might be some interest among people here. Fileplanet are now offering keys for everyone not just subscribers - Be quick bound to sell out before too long :) Anyone who gets in-game - Ralgha@StarmanUK
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    Mass Effect (X360)

    Anyone seen the X06 trailer recently added to the marketplace or here? What are you thoughts on this upcoming RPG/FPS? Maybe I'm the only one but watching the videos I do see hints of Privateer 2. I do think that it looks totally great, another Bioware title thats going to repeat success of...
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    Xbox 360: Phantasy Star Universe Open Beta Live

    Anyone giving it a try? I plan to and my gamertag is 'Starmans' if you care to join me :)
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    UK Airing: Wing Commander

    Just a heads up that the Wing Commander movie will be airing tonight on BBC 1 at 23:50 GMT.
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    London Film and Comic Con

    Just to let you all know that the Wing Commander, and Lord of the Rings star John Rhys Davies will be appearing at the London Film and Comic Con over Saturday 6th, and Sunday 7th of Match 2004. Also many other stars from other Sci-Fi series will also be appearing, these include Levar Burton...