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  1. Chaosbringer

    WCKS full screen problems

    Hi! I've been out of talking for too long, but i've been here as a lurker for all this time anyway :). I have a new computer, with Windows 7, and a video card Intel HD 4600, with a recently updated driver. The thing is, i just installed KS because i have some free time (finally!) and i find...
  2. Chaosbringer

    Privateer voices

    Maybe this is an old question, but does anybody have information about the people that voiced "Privateer"? I recently re-installed it and played it with dosbox, and i just realized that Burrows's voice makes much resemblance with the actor who plays "Saul Goodman" in "Breaking Bad", but i didn't...
  3. Chaosbringer

    An old box i found

    Hello, everyone. I was just organizing some things and i found this, that i had forgotten because of Kilrathi Saga. This is the box of the first Special Operations package i bought, and in the bottom of the box says "IBM PC 5,25". It brings me good memories, and i believe i might still have the...
  4. Chaosbringer

    Episode 4 hangs

    Hello there, and i'm sorry if this was answered before. I downloaded episode 4 and when i start the first mission, i press the autopilot and the games hangs (stops). It didn't happen on the first three episodes. Thanks in advance for your answer.
  5. Chaosbringer

    Space:Above and Beyond

    Hello, i don't know if this series have been discussed before. When it first aired in my country (In Fox Channel) i started to watch it right away, and then it was cancelled real soon. Was it cancelled for lack of audience or was it something else? Anyway, i really liked the planes (they were...