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  1. meisdavidp

    reasonable predictions for a new WC game

    Didn't know that about Hamill, I definitely stand corrected.
  2. meisdavidp

    reasonable predictions for a new WC game

    Let's talk about what's likely to be the case if those rumors we heard about are true. These are all guesses, but I'm trying to keep them realistic. 1. The game will in all likelyhood not be numbered officially. Unless I'm mistaken, neither was prophesy. The point here is that numbering in...
  3. meisdavidp

    Guinness Book of World Records - Gamers Edition

    Well, now that we're all discussing what it is to,you know, psychologically speaking, be one with the off-topic... Does anyone else have any thoughts about the book?
  4. meisdavidp

    Guinness Book of World Records - Gamers Edition

    wasn't pleased with the organization myself, but at least if they had to lay it out like that, that dedicated a section to Trackmania. Love that game. Also, aren't we getting terribly far off topic?
  5. meisdavidp

    Don't Call It the WingKiPedia (August 11, 2007)

    I love that you're doing it from an in-character (IC) viewpoint. Let Wikipedia be stuffy and non-point-of-view. I hope I can find something to contribute. One suggestion, though. In addition to the rules page, you might add a "How this works" page where you would explain how the entries are to...
  6. meisdavidp

    Most memorable wc moment

    Being there for the tail end of the tourney. LOAF should be immortalized in WC6 for that. And make him a major so Maniac can bitch. Major Ben "Bandit LOAF" Lesnick. Who agrees?
  7. meisdavidp

    How Goes the War Against the Humans? (July 31, 2007)

    did I read that log correctly? 5 kills in... ~2 seconds? That's inhuman. [edit] I'm just glad it won't be a duel in arena... only people that could win that would already have the y-box
  8. meisdavidp

    Summoned to Tourney! (July 25, 2007)

    Yours is not to wonder why, yours is but to win and (not) die. Make us all proud.
  9. meisdavidp

    Your Top Five favorite Bands

    kamelot (seeing them in august... going to be amazing) blind guardian (saw them less than a year ago) nightwish (seeing them in october got tickets a few hours before they sold out) Vanessa Carlton (why's everyone looking at me funny?) Sonata Arctica (the older stuff)
  10. meisdavidp

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Arrives On GameTap (April 6, 2007)

    For clarification, the Edit Controllers section only applies to emulated games, that is console games such as the multitude of old Sega Genesis games Gametap offers. Any of you guys tried Uru yet, btw? I can't recommend it enough.
  11. meisdavidp

    A cool contest I found where you can win a Wii

    I don't know if anyone here is in dire need of a Nintendo Wii, but I ran across a contest to win one and one of the conditions of it was to mention it in other places on the internet. Here's the link: . If this counts as spam, please delete the...
  12. meisdavidp

    300 is Amazing.

    Kilrathikiller, you did realize that Dyret was mocking you when he stooped to using the word "ghey", didn't you? The fact that you picked it up makes you look kind of idiotic. No offense intended, but this is one of the few places online where you can be banned for being an moron too much, let...
  13. meisdavidp

    Prologue Released!

    Got around to flying the Arrow gauntlet using a ps2 controller. I'm very impressed with the game thusfar. My fiance commented on the quasi-professionalism of the cutscenes. Great work so far @LeHah: Don't take this the wrong way, but how's that crow taste so far?
  14. meisdavidp

    Prologue Released!

    I'm thusfar very impressed, haven't had a chance to fly around much, but the voice acting and cutscene actually reminded me of star trek episodes. None of the cuts were too long and the dialogue is for the most part both believable and in good quantities. Some of the briefing for the first...
  15. meisdavidp

    Prologue Released!

    Wonderful to see this released at last. Looking forward to trying this out. Great to see that classic elements such as the "Shelton Slide" have made it in. That must have been hell to add to the engine.
  16. meisdavidp

    “Spider-Man 3” spoilers thread. *major spoilers*

    I think they risk a lot by not perfectly following the comic book storylines to the letter. That said, I think both of the spider-man movies thusfar have been monumental successes. I look forward to seeing what happens with gwen stacy in particular, since the way she died in amazing spiderman...
  17. meisdavidp

    Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark/Iron Man!

    uh... LOAF was joking... right?
  18. meisdavidp

    I’ve never played a “Zelda” game in my entire life!

    I loved Majora's Mask and Ocarina of time equally but differently. I'm not sure anyone would argue that Majora had the better story, but there were two elements to the game that really defined it for me (not to mention added tons of potential replay). The first was the multitude of masks that...
  19. meisdavidp

    54º40' or Fight! (October 26, 2006)

    I can't help but wonder if the good points of both sides of that arguement aren't going to be lost due to the nature of the arguement itself.
  20. meisdavidp

    Has anyone got Scarface yet?

    I just have trouble getting around how deplorable Tony is. Street values and principles, my arse. He was a greedy (forgivable), mildy sociopathic (argueably not his fault), paranoid power monger with guns drugs and a scar on his face. His inevitable downfall comes after he kills his best friend...