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    Orbit Simulator

    This is an Orbit simulator I wrote quite a while's back. It doesn't work on all systems, it was a quick project that was not meant for distribution. If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you. It is not heavily debugged in that respect. It's an old project and I've lost the original...
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    Running Super Wing Commander

    I've been making an attempt at running Super Wing Commander on a PC (being that my old 9500 is loooong gone... I miss that Mac). So far, I have SheepShaver installed, with Mac OS 9.0 as an image. After some fiddling to get SWC to run... it runs... but as with most older games, it's far too...
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    I am leaving the community.

    I am officially leaving the CIC community. Why? Because, simply put, the people are fucking assholes. I join the community, and right off, Psych and several other people begin degrading me, et cetera. So I try my hand at making models, and people such as Eder tell me that I suck, am an asshole...
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    Rendered Model

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    Carrier Model

    It has no textures, and it is still low poly.
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    IRC Op Abuse

    Ok, so I go onto, and join #wingnut. We get into a discussion about the differences between ISDN and DSL, when Filler starts devoicing me. The script I wrote automatically hops the channel when I am -v'd, and Filler obviously knew it, so he kept doing it, at a repeated rate...
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    Open-ended Wing Commander Forum RPG

    New thread, because Pzych started an insult match in the other one. I have set up a Wing Commander Forum-based RPG forum at that site. Please read the rules there first, though. Also, I am sorry to anyone I alienated or insulted, such as TC or Death. I am -not-...
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    Open-ended Wing Commander Forum RPG

    -Deleted by Antman the Great- -Deleted by Antman the Great- Alle hier ist ein Arschloch.
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    Carrier Landing Styles

    Ok, I have an interesting question. The Carrier from WC1, the Bengal Strike Carrier TCS Tiger's Claw, had what I call a 'landing strip' type landing platform. In WC2, the Concordia Dreadnaught TCS Concordia also had a 'landing strip' type landing platform. But in WC3 and 4, on the Victory and...
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    Wing Commander in FreeDOS

    Hello, I have a drive set up with FreeDOS, but how would I run, say, Privateer on it? I always get an EMS error, even though EMS is set up...
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    Found old Wing Commander Manuals and Guides

    I found the following manuals and guides when going thru my old manuals and guides bookcase (among other things): Claw Marks (WC1 Special Edition) WC2 Manual WCIV Big Manual WCIV Little Guide Wing Commander I&II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide I am still searching for the following in my...
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    Is Origin Origin or EA?

    For a while, I have debated with myself whether or not Origin Systems is still it's own company or is part of EA. The Origin System's website's Copyright info states: © Copyright, 2003, ORIGIN Systems, Inc. Origin, We Create Worlds, Wing Commander & ULTIMA are registered trademarks of ORIGIN...
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    What class ship was the Iason? Are there any pictures? What class ship was the Kilrathi ship that attacked the Iason? Are there any pictures? Also, if the Kilrathi had only had space flight for what, 300 years... how did they get so advanced?
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    Im back! After the about a year? of being gone :) I was just playing WC4 again. Any of you ever notice that in the beginning, when you give the ex-pilot/pirate the credits, where he says "The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance", it is dubbed in? And BTW, how do you make a Hell's Kitchen, I...
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    Hey guys

    I just got IDSL, its different in severeal facts from ISDN, but it has the same speeds as dual ISDN. Anyways, what have I missed lately? Im on a 1.4 GHZ Nvidia 2 64 with 128 MB of memory.
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    Who wants a copy of WC1 S/ C.R

    Who wants a copy of the ORIGINAL Wing Commander 1 signed by Chris Roberts? Ill include expansion pack!
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    Ok, make this make sense to me, The Fralthi, Fralthra,and then Fralthi II all look alike, but the Fralthi and Fralthra have different names. They have the same classifications but they have different names. Dont let this become an X vs Y thread, since we already know X would beat Y's ass in.
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    Dralthi - Drakhri, Salthi - Sartha, Jalthi - Jalkehi

    All the ships from WCI ( Dralthi, Salthi, and Jalthi), Are just modifed and renamed. Whats up with that? Dralthi - Drakhri, Salthi - Sartha, Jalthi - Jalkehi, Ralari - Ralatha, Fralthi - Fralthra ??????? And they reinstated the Dralthi and Fralthi (II) later??? [Edited by Antman on 02-22-2001...
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    OK, I REALLY need some ideas. Here are some current pics, an d aboce is the lnk to their folder.
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    Were there any Wing Commander I and II ships in III and IV? I need to know this for upcoming pictures.