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  1. Shooter

    Spacetime Studios

    I don't know if this was already posted, I've searched the forums but didn´t find anything. Today I was browsing thru the games industry news and I found this: "NCsoft Corporation, the world’s leading developer and publisher of online computer games, announced today its latest partnership...
  2. Shooter

    WC III Premiere Edition

    Hi there guys, Could someone tell me the exact contents of the Wing Commander III Premiere Edition ? Thanks !
  3. Shooter

    Melek for sale !

    Someone is selling Melek's animatronic head from WC IV. For 9.000.000 $ you've got a really nice christmas gift ! :D Melek's Head
  4. Shooter

    I want a Tarsus !

    I need reference pictures from the Privateer 1 Tarsus. I can't run Priv on my PC so I can't take screenshots and the the image in the manual is no help at all. Some while back Loaf showed a multi-perspective render from the Centurion and that's just what I need, but in the Tarsus version. Thanks !
  5. Shooter

    Back to Space !

    I don't like the man, but I've been waiting this for a long time now: BUSH SPACE INITIATIVE •Spend $12 billion on new space exploration plan over next five years. $1bn will be new money, the rest reallocated from existing NASA programs. •Retire shuttle program by 2010 •Develop new...
  6. Shooter

    Is it dead ?

    No updates since April... Is WC3D dead ?
  7. Shooter

    Prophecy sceenshot

    Need help , Does anybody have a screenshot of the wormhole-Deveraux scene in Prohecy ? Thanks.
  8. Shooter

    How to play Space Trader Privateer in your PC

    So you don't have a Palm Pilot but you still want to play Space Trader ? Here's how I did it: Donwload the Palm emulator from here : Now you need a ROM (whatever that is, I think it's like the OS in a PC). I found some in a brazilian...
  9. Shooter

    Got links ?

    Check this out : Do you know any other sites like this ones ? The Cold War one it's amazing, the work this guy puted into it it's unbelievable.
  10. Shooter

    The first starfighter ?

    I bet most of you allready know about this site, but I recomend it anyway : There you can see the first military applications in space made by the USA and the Soviet Union... Cool.
  11. Shooter

    HomePlanet is coming !

    Sorry but whenever a space sim comes out in the market I get really excited... In particular one that says : "Homeplanet is a classic space fight simulator, based on a real Newton physic model. Some similar games: X-Wing series, Wing Commander, Freespace. The gameplay will take approximately...
  12. Shooter


    Hi. Just a question, what's the status of the Wing Commander model development forum ? Is it dead ?
  13. Shooter

    Wing Commander Movie DVD

    OK, a question to the Europeans out there. Where the hell can I find the Wing Commander DVD in our fine continent ??? I've searched everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE (at least I think I did) and nothing... I knew I would have problems finding it in Portugal but man, in Europe ?... Help me out...
  14. Shooter

    Semper Fi

    Just a quick question. Where can I find a picture of a Terran Confederation Marine ? Please, NOT from the movie, more WC 1 style... Thanks
  15. Shooter

    Does this look familiar ?

    Go here, see this, give the guy some encouragement. Bye.
  16. Shooter

    Full Throttle

    Wazzup. Is there any way to configure the buttons of a Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick in Prophecy? I was thinking more in terms of that Throttle thingy. I'll buy a beer to the first one that helps me.
  17. Shooter

    R.I.P. Origin Systems ?

    "From its modest beginnings -- brothers Richard and Robert Garriott working out of their parents’ garage -- to its current 81,000 square feet of high-tech office space and more than 200 full-time employees..." Just been in the Origin site and it looks like everybody went for a cup of coffe...
  18. Shooter

    WC 3d Models

    Hello good people. I'm here today to ask if anyone of you have some WC 3d models. I know it´s kind like asking your sister to a date but... Please!
  19. Shooter

    "Q: What is Conquest: Frontier Wars?"

    "A: Conquest: Frontier Wars (CFW) is an exciting new fleet based RTS game being developed by Fever Pitch Studios. Formally Located at Digital Anvil, CFW is being produced by Eric Peterson & Chris Robers. Roberts originally made the Wing Commander Games, and Privateer Series, and Peterson was...
  20. Shooter

    Pc Gameplay List

    In the main CIC page, Loaf is not very happy with the "PC Gameplay 50 most influential games of all time" list. O.K., they are wrong about the "little more than a glorified 3D shoot-'em-up" part, but WC comes before games like Counter Strike and C&C. And the only space sim before WC is Elite...