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  1. Chaosbringer

    WC3 - 90 second Thrakhath Challenge :)

    Hi, it's been a while but i always come back to the CIC, and yes, i only had the Kilrathi Saga version and if you kill Thrakhath you can't get back in that version.
  2. Chaosbringer

    The origin of the Talon?

    I remember making a lot fur fly against a dralthi when using a Tarsus. Now, a Gothri was another thing.
  3. Chaosbringer

    WCKS full screen problems

    I just searched the forums and i found out the "screen resolution" solution, and it worked! Is there a new thing? Or is that the only solution?
  4. Chaosbringer

    WCKS full screen problems

    Hi! I've been out of talking for too long, but i've been here as a lurker for all this time anyway :). I have a new computer, with Windows 7, and a video card Intel HD 4600, with a recently updated driver. The thing is, i just installed KS because i have some free time (finally!) and i find...
  5. Chaosbringer

    Tales of the Claw

    I love it :D
  6. Chaosbringer

    Ultima Forever's Kilrathi Island is Real! (August 17, 2014)

    You're right, it looks more like a Drakhri.
  7. Chaosbringer

    Wing Commander 3 Free on Origin

    I still have my Kilrathi Saga version.
  8. Chaosbringer

    rank your fav wing commander games in order

    Privateer (maybe i'll just kill a drayman or two... on second thought!) WC1 (i just loved it from the first time i played it) WC1-SM2 (it was the second wc i had and i loved it too) WC4 (i felt like in a movie) WC3 (i felt like in a lower budget movie :p) WC2 (Never liked Blair's face in this...
  9. Chaosbringer

    Privateer voices

    Maybe this is an old question, but does anybody have information about the people that voiced "Privateer"? I recently re-installed it and played it with dosbox, and i just realized that Burrows's voice makes much resemblance with the actor who plays "Saul Goodman" in "Breaking Bad", but i didn't...
  10. Chaosbringer

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    I'll download the torrent and seed it when it's done, congratulations!!
  11. Chaosbringer

    Privateer Day: A Tarsus Visits Babylon 5? (June 3, 2011)

    I remember seeing that!! And i thought "That's a tarsus!"
  12. Chaosbringer

    What if... - Wing Commander never happened?

    All i know is that i never liked x-wing, and i think it was because of wing commander.
  13. Chaosbringer

    A Question For Those In The Know

    I believe i still have a box of virgin 5,25 hd disks somewhere.
  14. Chaosbringer

    A Question For Those In The Know

    Oh wow, 5,25" disks, what good memories, i bought both wc1 and wc2 in those formats, as well as SM1 and SO1 and 2 (both came in a package i posted here once).
  15. Chaosbringer

    What is your favorite WING COMMANDER game?

    I liked WC2, except for one thing, the faces. Somehow, i didn't like the conversion from the wc1 faces to the wc2 ones (just my personal opinion). I'd say WC3, WC4, and Privateer fight for the first place in my ranking.
  16. Chaosbringer

    Why we’re all here.

    I agree with this, so much.
  17. Chaosbringer

    UO Developers Celebrate Happy Occasion (February 23, 2011)

    A beautiful gesture, really.
  18. Chaosbringer

    Why we’re all here.

    I just remembered, i used to kill all my wingmen in WC1 to see their funerals and what Halcyon said about them.
  19. Chaosbringer

    Wing Commander Games I didnt Finish!!

    I haven't finished (or started) Armada.