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    Joystick support for Privateer

    My Privateer game isn't registering my joystick. I'm using a Force Feedback...I just expected it to register the joystick and the first trigger, but it doesn't register anything. Any suggestions or fixes?
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    Ships of the Black Lance

    Since reading the WC4 novel, I've been a bit curious of the technology used by the Black Lance, specifically. What ships, bases and support craft did the Black Lance, exclusively (excluding the craft used by the Intrepid), use? What were the statistics of these craft, and how did they...
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    WCPediting Capships

    Looking at Kwave's page and all the capital ships he's converted to Prophecy/SO format (like the Victory, the Black Lance carrier, etc.), I've downloaded a few. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to replace any of the capital ships in the game with them. Is there a way to use WCPedit to...
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    Suggested, and implemented...

    This was suggested by Dark Tower. Maybe this topic was discussed before I came, SHOULD the Nephilim story continue after Secret Ops? Obviousely civilian companies and Confed would have some secrets of their technology (they're our equal, but not our better...we have some better tech...
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    Callsigns, Kills, and miscellaneous

    Well, I'm new here, and I just got into a debate with LOAF. Not bad for a first day out. I frequented the CIC about 3 years ago, then...forgot about it. Now, I found it again, and I've joined the messageboard. Here I am! At any rate, I'd just like to know a bit more about the people...