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    X-Com Interceptor

    Does anyone know of a good site to dig up some troubleshooting information for this game? Yeah, its not exactly a classic, but I've been talking a lot about the original X-Com lately (and Sluggy Freelance has been using X-Com screens for the comic panels recently as well), and I'm feeling a...
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    Superman Script

    Anyone else seen the summary of the Superman script over at Ain't It Cool News? *shudder* If that's honestly what WB is planning on doing for the next Superman movie, I think I'd rather have hot coals plunged into my eyes and never play a Wing Commander game again rather than sit through a...
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    New Worst Movie Poll

    Gamefaqs, that lovely website that provides more information for free than you'll ever get from a strategy guide (except for maybe information like the fact that Finley is married), is having an interesting new poll: Its in the upper right hand corner of the page...
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    Apparently Microsoft made mention of a number of upcoming games at an International Games event in Las Vegas. Freelancer was one of the games that got brought up, and the Adrenaline Vault had this little piece on it: Obviously, most of its hype. The only things of interest that I noticed...
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    CIC Timeline

    I was glancing through the CIC Timeline, and noticed that while the Pre-War stuff is up, the War Time and Post-War stuff is missing (text - no link). I'm just curious if the War Time and Post-War stuff was ever started?
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    Interesting Article

    Arcadian del Sol has an interesting article over on his website. While its not really anything important, he does have some nice, interesting, things to say about WC3 (or specifically, packaging).
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    WC3 and AGP?

    I tried installing WC3 last night for the first time in a long time. Joystick calibration routine ran okay, got the message saying it was about to test video, processor, and CD speed, and then the program froze. Tried it on a second computer, and the same thing happened. Tried it on a third...
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    Cap ships vs. Fighters in WC2

    Here's something that's bugged me over the years. When I played WC2 ages and ages ago, I noticed what I thought was the strangest thing. When attacked by fighters, capital ships would use their main guns against them. So, for example, if the Concordia was attacked by a wing of Gothri...
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    WCP Freeze

    Reinstalled Prophecy last night after wandering through here and feeling nostalgic. Ran the Joystick Calibration through the WCP autorun panel (click the Joystick Calibration button, and the regular windows Game Controller panel opens). When I was finished, I closed the Game Controller panel...