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    WCIV Saved Game Request..

    Still crazy after all these years!
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    StarLancer Ladder Competition

    I am just curious to see how many people actually have Sta Lancer here. Lancer Games is actually sponsoring a competition where you could win a $50 gift certificate to EB, second prize is a $25 gc to EB.. That is hte location of the rules and...
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    Black Lance Command Story.. "Age of Prosperity"

    Chapter I Sol Sector 1845 Zulu Black Lance Command Space Admiral Schwanger’s office                   “Yeoman, please find Captain Jared de Brabant for me.” A voice said through the speaker.                 “Yes Sir!” Yeoman Baker said getting up from his desk, which was outside the Black...
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    What exactly happened to Blair under Neph care..

    Anyone wonder what exactly happened to Blair when he was captured by the Bugs? I know that he seemed (when I rescued him) alittle gothic and perhaps considering recreating the Black Lance Again? I know that it may seem unlikely.. but he did appear to be very very pardon the pun.. "bugged" about...