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    Blue Kilrathi

    So, I saw X-Men: First Class and the first thing I thought when I saw the Beast in his blue fur form was 'BLUE KILRATHI' This has inspired me to make the following ~~~cat-style image. :D
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    Getting an out of touch fan back into the games.

    Long time no post. I've been a super crazy Wing Commander fan for the longest time and have been visiting this website (sporadically) for years. It continues to amaze me how the community continues to thrive despite the fact that there haven't been any 'proper' (as in main continuity) Wing...
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    Privateering With People

    I ask this because one of my big fixations in my youth was a little game called Psi 5 Trading Company, which placed you in command of a trading vessel, where you dealt with crew. Obviously, I'm a big enthusiast of the Star Trek/Firefly model of sci-fi travel, as well as games like Jagged...
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    Making Wing Commander Academy VCDs

    Need some help, guys. Shortly before Ulyssis.Org took stopped hosting the Wing Commander Academy cartoon, I managed to download a few episodes and now I want to watch them on TV. Does anyone know how to convert and burn DivX videos onto CDs so they are viewable as VCDs on a regular VCD...
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    Computer game quotes

    I'm sure this kind of thread has already been done before, but hey, if everyone's going crazy over movie quotes why don't we all throw around game quotes? The Flying Welshman: I am the Flying Welshman. I have been traveling for so very long within the mist. Oh how I hate that darned mist...
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    Customizing music for Prophecy

    I'm not sure if this kind of question is supposed to go into Tech Support or anywhere else, but I just wanted to ask: Does anyone here know how to hack, tweak or modify Wing Commander: Prophecy to use music other than what's in the .tre files? I'm hoping to pop in some MP3s for alternative...