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    Wing Commander Flightsuit

    G'Day all. I was wondering who can point me in the direction of getting a WC flight suit from 3 or 4.
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    The first release

    Hey guys! Great work so far! I've been playing the game normally and its really great with the current mod! Just a few Qs, namely where do I find the Hornet? I'd wanted to fly her before playing the sstory line, no luck there as I'm now flying the Vindicator in Brittania, is the Hornet in...
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    Does anyone know the commision dates for the various classes (not individual vessels) such as, Exeter, Confed Dreadnaught, Concordia, etc? Its to get refence for some stories I have planned.
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    Jeremy Reimer

    Hey dude! I was wondering if you are still working on the WC1 TC for freespace 2? I hope you are as it looks cool.
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    WC Comic strip

    In the spirit of the WCA TV series, I have begun a comic strip which I'll post on a web site, onve the site has been created. So far I haven't done much except really just some drawings of craft, pilots and bit of storyline for perhaps the first issue. Though I think the first issue will...