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  1. Mace

    Dallas does it for the cash?

    I prefer Danr's explenation. But think of this.. the guy in the bar from WC4, who get's taken hostage and tortured by seether in the "bad" path is one of those guys who had nothing, and the military offered him food, a roof over his head, and something to do, when that was gone he went boozing...
  2. Mace

    Voodoo 3 and prophecy

    That's it, but could not find it in the download section. It unzippes fine here using winrar.
  3. Mace

    Squadron 42 Visual Teaser Released for Christmas (December 26, 2019)

    It would be nice to see this game leaving development hell finally, despite the dropped features, and that the combat itself is still less satisfying then it was from most 90's when it comes to "hotdogging"(though it has grown with leaps and bounds the past three years). And it also might...
  4. Mace

    Does This Aspect Ratio Make Me Look Fat? (December 22, 2019)

    Widescreen televisions, being not the 90's 4:3 but more wider in general were common in television sets we(my family and friends at least) had in the early 80's... We were all like "man, we must really hit the gym, look how wide all those guys shoulders are". Should be even worse with kids today...
  5. Mace

    Visual Guide Addendum: Pin-Ups (December 21, 2019)

    Looks an awfull lot like Saffron Burrow's face edited into the helmet.
  6. Mace

    Voodoo 3 and prophecy

    I remember the game not running on hercules 6MB Voodoo1 cards, and Voodoo2 cards, and there being a patch that limits the amount of memory it adresses fixing it all... Found that patch here: I thought it would be in the resources/game patches...
  7. Mace


    You might want to go back one page to my post of 17 Oktober 2016, where I give a detailed how-to for fixes and optimizing the game to look good on a modern system.
  8. Mace


    Would appear strange somewhat for you to then read all this now. Sadly no expansions and no way to build/try extra missions.. It still is a great game with great cinematics, and patched&enhanced runs smooth as silk on even the most basic systems. I would like another playthrough, but with a full...
  9. Mace

    Wing Commander Saga via Freespace Open

    Can saga be done in multiplayer now?
  10. Mace

    Wing Commander Arena

    It's still in the live store IIRC, but unsure if the live servers are still up and running. There is not that much to do in the game single-player wise, save the gauntlet and a bot-match. The best thing about Arena is the manual, giving hints and connecting the cartoon and movie to the main...
  11. Mace

    Kilrathi in 1986?

    Looks like the movie Kilrathi a bit
  12. Mace

    'Lordy! It's a fully rendered craft...' (July 23, 2019)

    The reviewer did not really have any knowledge nor did any research? There have been two games and one data disk(make that 4 games, 4 expansion disk sets, and one online available expansian, and that excludes privateer+righteous fire) before WC3.. As for the weird color mashups, I 'member the...
  13. Mace

    Another "Which WC Game Is Your Favourite?" thread

    Between 1 and 3 for the gameplay and mission design, 3 and 4 for the atmosphere...
  14. Mace

    Check Out Origin's Long Term Plan Circa 1989 (May 6, 2019)

    That would be "Death Track" then?
  15. Mace

    Wing Commander Arena Released... in Japan! (February 4, 2019)

    This is an odd release now. not a bad one though.. still should we not be able to play with the Japanese players?
  16. Mace

    Star Citizen: Past & Future (February 1, 2019)

    If only the console version gets multiplayer.. He is shooting himself in the foot with the PC version.. And then I would need to buy a new, licensed XBONE HOTAS..
  17. Mace

    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Also, might I add that this game is actually up and running, you can play it you know.. you do however need to get your friends from here(or anywhere) if you want somebody to shoot at.. for now it's purely team-based deathmatch..
  18. Mace

    All About Origin's CD-ROM Editions (January 30, 2019)

    Ironically, the reviews of the original release in multiple magazines stated that while the game was a great experience, you'd need a very fast machine to run it(486DX2/50 or higher recommended), it would be best to wait a few months because knowing origin would eventually release a talkie...
  19. Mace

    Star Citizen: Past & Future (February 1, 2019)

    From the start I, and many others had the idea(I think there was even hinted at it) that Squadron 42 would be a co-op campaign.. sometime later there was the mention that some missions could be re-played in co-op after completing the campaign.. now there is no co-op at all? Since I could not...