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  1. Bandit LOAF

    Action Stations Observations (July 22, 2024)

    I noticed a detail I’d never picked up on in Action Stations! The book is a prequel about the start of the Kilrathi war that’s strongly based on Pearl Harbor (and At Dawn We Slept in particular). The Kilrathi are preparing to attack Confed’s major base at McAuliffe. Earth dispatches orders...
  2. Bandit LOAF

    Life Imitates Art, A Bit Early (July 19, 2024)

    In the Wing Commander I & II guide, Spirit ever so briefly mentions that all-women combat missions are normal… but that they weren’t allowed in 2638, sixteen years earlier. This probably seemed progressive in 1991 when the US military did not allow women to fly in combat at all. But by 2011...
  3. Bandit LOAF

    Why I say some of the characterization in WC3 and WC4 was not good

    Re: Tolwyn. I think the only media that manages to capture Tolwyn as he was introduced in Wing Commander II, and that's Wing Commander Academy. Wing Commander II gave us a complex character who was both a heroic figure who had earned the loyalty of his crew and a pompous antagonist who genuinely...
  4. Bandit LOAF

    Funny WC quotes

    Hah, that was a twenty year old post! I hope he sees it. :D
  5. Bandit LOAF

    Unraveling a Mystery: Starship Troopers of the Guardians (July 11, 2024)

    My brother recently sent me a pretty fascinating question: is there a Wing Commander TCTG card in Starship Troopers (1997). He included an image where you can see cards stick to the wall to the left of the viewscreen in the camp barracks. It does, indeed, look very similar to a Wing...
  6. Bandit LOAF

    Check out Origin’s Gorgeous Floppy Plane Art (July 8, 2024)

    Hah, I had that exact debate in my head when I originally tweeted this and I ended up specifically matching the names to Sudden Death!
  7. Bandit LOAF

    Check out Origin’s Gorgeous Floppy Plane Art (July 8, 2024)

    This conversation provided a good excuse to post some airplane diskettes! Origin could make a handsome disk! Strike Commander Disk 1 - F-16 Fighting Falcon Disk 2 - MiG-29 Fulcrum Disk 3 - Tornado Disk 4 - A-10 Warthog Disk 5 - Su-27 Flanker Disk 6 - F-15 Eagle Disk 7 - F/A-18 Hornet Disk 8...
  8. Bandit LOAF

    Exciting Star Trek Prodigy Premiere Arrives Monday (June 30, 2024)

    That last bit is a big part of it. Paramount invested a bunch in trying to transition Nickelodeon as a brand to streaming and it hasn't paid off at all... Netflix and Disney+ own almost all of the market for kids streaming. The disparity is such that just being available to Netflix will by...
  9. Bandit LOAF

    Exciting Star Trek Prodigy Premiere Arrives Monday (June 30, 2024)

    The 'just a kids show' aspect is a big part of it, but not because of the perception... because that's what the budget was allocated for in the first place. With three or four other shows, Star Trek Prodigy wasn't supposed to move the needle on convincing Star Trek fans to sign up for...
  10. Bandit LOAF

    Who Else Uses the Squadron TranSim? (June 23, 2024)

    Ever wonder about the callsigns in the Wing Commander TrainSim? They're selected from a bank of options when you start a new game. They include all the wingmen plus SEGALLION, DIBBER, ZORO, GRYPHON, SUTEK and POTSHOT. These are all the callsigns of members of the dev team. Segallion gets...
  11. Bandit LOAF

    Wing Commander 1 AI enhanced Characters

    I always wondered if the purple eyes were intentional; his original backstory was that he was from a colony planet instead of Earth.
  12. Bandit LOAF

    The Stories Behind Those Secret Ops Passwords (June 27, 2024)

    Anybody play Secret Ops when it was released episodically? Each one ended with a password based on your performance which changed the fiction on the website. All the codes were nerdy references: here TALOS IV is the planet from The Cage, ACHERON is the moon from Alien. Episode 2 is two...
  13. Bandit LOAF

    False Colors Chpt 9: Belisarius ?

    I think all of this--folks' issues with the movie and the game novelizations--speaks to the same issue... there's an inherent difficulty in adapting Blair that I don't think anyone understood (or at least cared about) at the time. That's because to much of the audience he's, well, you. The games...
  14. Bandit LOAF

    Easily ID Your Favorite Pilots With These Handy Helmet Codes (June 25, 2024)

    Did you ever want a list of the helmet numbers from the Gold Squadron pilots in Wing Commander III? If yes then I have great news for you: COBRA - A31 FLASH - A13 FLINT - A72 HOBBES - A99 MANIAC - A27 MAVERICK - A62 VAGABOND - A41 VAQUERO - A65 -- Original update published on June 25, 2024
  15. Bandit LOAF

    Wing Commander Arena End of Life FAQ (June 24, 2024)

    I believe Arena will load in an emulator today but we aren't at a point where you can actually play online with people. It's coming, though!
  16. Bandit LOAF

    Wing Commander 1 AI enhanced Characters

    Wing Commander II Angel's art description was "Sigourney Weaver mixed with Demi Moore" if that helps anything!
  17. Bandit LOAF

    Wing Commander 1 AI enhanced Characters

    Heads without backgrounds: Backgrounds without heads:
  18. Bandit LOAF

    Wing Commander Arena End of Life FAQ (June 24, 2024)

    Well, thanks for coming to the FAQ to let us know what you think about a game you've never played!
  19. Bandit LOAF

    Wing Commander Arena End of Life FAQ (June 24, 2024)

    There has been a fair amount of chat about the deadline to buy Wing Commander Arena with many fans confused about what the game is and how to play it. Many have also encountered a bug in which their Xbox does not allow them to buy the game. We hope to help by answering these questions and others...