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    Morningstar or Sabre?

    There's no problem that can't be solved with enough torpedoes. :D Seriously, I loved the Sabre. It was fast and agile enough to turn with most Kilrathi fighters, and anything in its gunsights died fast. The shields were a little thin, but not too bad. Edit: Re Arrows and Ferrets, it seems...
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    Dungeons And Dragons Online

    Is anyone here planning to play Dungeons And Dragons Online when it is released? (Or already playing the Beta?) I haven't played any MMORPGs before, as I never had a good enough PC or connection, but as a long time D&D nerd, I'll be following this one with keen interest.
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    HTL Turns Seven Today (January 28, 2006)

    Hey all, Raptor here The site width does seem to be a common problem. I must admit set out the size layout to take advantage of 17 and 19 inch monitors. I'll be talking with the designer to see what we can do to make things easier on smaller screens, especially for the intro pages. For the...
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    WC IV: The Price of Freedom novel

    Is it really a mutiny when the Captain is involved? :) Best, Raptor
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    Where Does 'Lance' Come From?

    I believe the WC3 PC loadout screen does show the torpedoes as Lances when you click on the torpedo hardpoints of the Thunderbolt or Longbow. Best, Raptor
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    Aces Club?

    Heh. My (still tenous) plans after finishing HTL are to devote my time in the Club to getting the web presence up to date. Holding The Line Dot Net and the Aces Lounge will be a big part of that, and I'm hoping to incorporate a lot of the material from Acenet Central over the next couple of...
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    Collection of short stories

    Hey guys. A suggestion if you want a forum to plan/discuss your writing. On the Holding The Line Dot Net message board, we have a section for general Wing Commander fan fiction. You're welcome to use it for your project if you like. I would have to talk to my fellow Mods, but I'm pretty sure...
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    Tolwyn and the Nephilim

    He was due to be executed the next day, in fact. Apparently Confed justice moves fast. What, you've never had a screaming match with your father? You see, he wasn't so much angry as Casey as disappointed in him. :) Tolwyn vs the Nephilim is a hard one to predict. I think Confed would...
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    Carrier Classification (WC 2634)

    An interesting side note on the Mig-21 is that Israel (among other countries) is offering avionics and ECM upgrades to users of "second generation" fighters like the Mig-21, which gives them similar capabilities to fourth generation fighters like the Mig-29. The upshot is that any pilot who...
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    Holding the Line Series

    I'm not putting a total on the number of chapters, as there are several plot lines still being wrapped up. Having said that, I very much doubt we'll go over 225, seeing that we're in the final stages of the battle. PS: McGruff, sorry about not replying to you sooner. Real life has been...
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    Holding the Line Series

    Hmmm. I haven't deleted anyone from the list (apart from in response to direct requests) but I would be happy to double check. Could you send me another E-mail with your current address? I'll double check that against the current list. As for the conclusion, what Death and Rambo said. ;-)...
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    Most Dominant Fighter of it's time...

    In the large scale, the Excalibur wasn't available in enough numbers to make a significant differance in the War. (If you exlude that one mission to Kilrah. *G*) By the time it was in widespread service, there wasn't anyone to fight until the Border Conflict, by which time other fighters like...
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    The Landreich "Republic" vs. The Union of Border Worlds

    Actually, Confed had a much larger fleet that if brought to bear could make the *UBW* cease to exist. Avoiding that outcome was a rather major objective in WC4, as I recall. ;) However, the same could be said of Confed vs the FRL, so it doesn't really do much to resolve the UBW/FRL debate...
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    End Run, The Movie?

    I don't think that the actor's ancestory really matters, especially if the kind of migration between countries and continents we see in 20th century continues into the 27th. Besides, I've never heard it suggested that an actor needs to be Scottish to play MacBeth, or Danish to play Hamlet. :)...
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    Windows XP E-mail problem

    Much appreciated, guys. I *think* the problem was fixed by removing and then re-installing my E-mail programs, but I'll know for sure after I send a couple of club wide mails tonight. Best, Raptor
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    The Landreich "Republic" vs. The Union of Border Worlds

    Good rule of thumb for pirates: never steal anything you can't make a quick get-away with. :D Best, Raptor
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    Windows XP E-mail problem

    Hey all. This isn't so much a WC game tech issue as a WC activities related issue. Anyhow, I run Windows XP on the laptop I took with me to Britain. I downloaded and installed the XP service pack 2 last week, and since then have been unable to connect to my ISP's POP and SMTP servers to do my...
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    The Landreich "Republic" vs. The Union of Border Worlds

    Differant Lexington. :) The TPOF novel specifically mentions that the Lex we see in WC4 was the one that gets gutted in the BoT. Best, Raptor
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    The Landreich "Republic" vs. The Union of Border Worlds

    Just something else to throw into the debate: technology. The Border Worlds probably have a technological edge (apart from their fighter craft) which would go someway towards neutralising the Landreich's bigger military. Things like leech gun technology, their (limited) ability to cloak bombers...
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    The Landreich "Republic" vs. The Union of Border Worlds

    Paulsen was definitely a bigot, but I never got the impression that it was personal for Tolwyn. The Border Worlders were a convenient enemy, but they were only the first of many. I think he regarded the bulk of humanity as genetically inferior, not just the Border Worlders. Best, Raptor