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    WIngs of Glory

    I recently purchased Wings of Glory together with the official strategy guide and have been enjoying it a lot. It's not an easy game though and I've been having some trouble lately. Unfortunatly my guide didn't come with the "maneuvres and missions disk" that's advertised on the cover. I was...
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    WCSO Lost Fiction

    Sorry about the thread necromancy but wich episode would the Blue Horizon fiction have been in?
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    Still Time To Claim Party Prizes (December 26, 2007)

    I've tried mailing several times a few months ago from my yahoo and work accounts, but it appears they weren't getting through either. I'll send a PM.
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    Wing Commander Tattoo

    Here you go
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    Wing Commander Tattoo

    It shouldn't fade as long as I keep it out of the sun or use sunblock. Of course not :D I didn't after the first one I got and I'm pretty sure I won't have any regrets about the next one next year. I know there's somewhat of a stigma attached to game tattoos but the Kilrathi logo looks...
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    Wing Commander Tattoo

    Well, this seems to be the good thread for it I got this on my left calf today I just copied it out of the warbirds poster from WCIII. It was the perfect size and everything. All in all it took the tattoo artist a good 40 minutes. It's amazingly difficult to take a picture of your...
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    What's Your Real Opinion About the Movie?

    I can forgive just about everything about the movie except mutant space semi-jedi. Wing Commander did not need Pilgrims.
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    The Last Crusader (Or: Silencer of the Lambs) (September 21, 2005)

    He's shipping it with fedex or ups and has given me the dimensions and weight of the package. Both give me an estimate of around 125 dollars to ship it to Belgium. It's so expensive because of the weird size.
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    The Last Crusader (Or: Silencer of the Lambs) (September 21, 2005)

    I wanted this so badly... 125 dollars in shipping is, however, just too much for a poor university student like myself :(
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    Check Out Some Crusader Gear (January 6, 2005)

    I bought a lot of those posters from Mark Vittek... Anyone interested?
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    Query about the W.E.C. in the Secret Ops fiction

    Yeah, it's apparently, an easter egg.
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    Have to sell LIFELONG Wing Commander collection

    I'd be willing to purchase the Blair standup or WCIII poster. What's your price? (+shipping to Belgium, if that's not too much trouble)
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    Wing Commander UK DVD

    Thanks for the info, looks like I'll be getting that one too then :D
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    Wing Commander UK DVD

    Does it have Dutch subtitles?
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    Conceptual Design: Bhantkara Mk.II

    It looks nice. Maybe make it a bit more assymetrical to make it tie in more with WCIII Kilrathi designs and beyond.
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    Crusader website underway!

    Well, I guess my screen name tipped you off already so, yeah, me too.
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    Crusader website underway!

    I do hope you're talking about the Origin games...
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    FYI American CICer's

    edit: whoops, wrong thread, disregard.
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    So people that you believe are not telling the truth get made fun of over the way they look? Real mature. :rolleyes:
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Yes, because obviously everybody with a differing opinion in an unpatriotic commie pinko liberal spy with the sole intent of destroying the American way of life. Just like people on the internet.