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    When WC pilots get old

    Very nice! Happy belated birthday!
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    Back after hiatus

    I don't know how many of you may remember me, but I joined here awhile back, and was having a good time talking with you all about Wing Commander. However, I had to take a hiatus until recently, for a few reasons. My project, "Wing Commander Chronicles," was literally causing me to miss...
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    Oho! Well, then once I am done with the SO1 page (coming along slowly, dang responsible adult stuff!), I will go do these things in WC2 so I can record this alternate ending. It's definitely relevant, so it deserves to be in there. I bet that'll bring me up to like, 450 caps for that page! :p
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    Interesting! Which missions do I have to fail to see this alternate losing ending? I tried punching out on several missions mid way through the game to get the losing ending, but I've never heard of this alternate.
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    Ah, thanks for that, Chris! I'll see about getting in there and fixing that. Hadn't taken the fact that I was flying in the Enigma Sector into account. This is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for. As for animated GIFs, I'd love to do that and considered that, but the problem I have...
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    Massive WC3 Final Mission bug?

    Geeze, and to think that all this time, all I have ever done was save my afterburner fuel for the trench run. I'd cloak at the right time, come in and waste Hobbes and Thrakhath (I usually never go after Hobbes when he kills Cobra. I like Vaquero too much), then hold the burner for as long as it...
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    I took a quick break for the 4th of July and my birthday, but I got back to capping for SO1 tonight. Got the first 39 caps up, a decent amount of text, and some ideas floating around in my head. Hopefully will make some serious progress this weekend. Geeze. I still have such a long way to go...
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    Best Storyline

    II, no doubt. The storyline was so in depth for its time. Referencing random conversations from the first three games, as well as adding additional suspense, intrigue, and thickness to the plot. Don't get me wrong, I loved Heart of the Tiger, but Wing Commander II's depth still surprises me, to...
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    New member - Perhaps old question...

    I imagine that if you're running the current version of DosBox, you should be able to just buy the original games off of eBay and install them. However, don't get your hopes up about finding Secret Missions or Special Operations. They get expensive when they DO pop up. If you don't care about...
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    Thanks for letting me know. I am pretty sure I went through all the pages to correct the links to other parts, too, but it was around 3 am or so last night that I finished this, so I may not have gotten everything. If anyone notices any broken links, let me know so I can fix 'em! I am already...
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    Wing Commander Rocked Before High Def (June 30, 2010)

    It was a nice read. The only other small detail I can see is the fact that the only deaths in WC2 are the scripted deaths. I think it was because of the whole series overflow from WC1 that WC2 just assumed that no one died unless it was called for specifically in the script.
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    In the end, I decided not to do all the extra work of making a link-only set of pages, as I felt the same way as Wedge, and didn't feel like doing all the extra work. :p HOWEVER! I can finally say that the Wing Commander 2 page is complete. I think it's as complete as I am going to get it, and...
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    There's Always (A New) Hope (June 26, 2010)

    I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed the Arkanoid. That's clever drawing!
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    California Video Game Ban

    California is pretty tolerant, as far as views and such go. It's cool if you're straight, bi, gay, illegal, whatever. They are also one of the yuppie-est states I've ever lived in. I mean, anything out there is enough to get people up in arms, whether it's "for the children," "for safety," or...
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    Most overrated fighter?

    I, too, have a soft spot in my heart for that slow ol' bucket of bolts. For whatever reason, the Scimitar is usually what springs to my mind first when remembering those good old days with my friend. The only time I flew a Hellcat was in the first mission of WC3, when the game forced me to...
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    Best ways to win the last SO1 mission

    There is no second chance for this mission. If you fail, you will play another mission, but it is a "losing" mission. If you fail to bag the Fralthras, you will lose the game.
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    I mean have two links on the intro page. One link will take you to a set of pages with links to click on if you want to see an imagine instead of the images being pasted on the screen. That will be for low speed connections. The other link will take you to a set of pages that have all the photos...
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    Well, I did break the WC2 page up, as my friend suggested, into 3 parts and an intermission. Do you think I should create a series of pages with links instead of pics for potential low speed viewers?
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    Best ways to win the last SO1 mission

    I have never beaten it. I had to cheat to pass it, after 45+ attempts. My wingmen try to take the Fralthra and get fried every time. In between getting shot to shit by my own wingmen, the Fralthra's gun always kills me. The closest I ever got was when I maneuvered into a position where one...
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    I just have a question about this I'd like to ask everyone here who is interested. As I have been working on the page for Wing Commander 2 (in between work, sleep, and other duties), I've noticed that the amount of screen grabs I've taken and used is way, way more than I originally thought. A...