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    Hilarious WC moment

    Moment was in Prophecy. Flying the Wasp to intercept CapMissles. Hull and shields were near zero, and was trying to avoid fire. Hit my booster pack, smacked dead into a wingman's missle.
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    School system Unfortunately, rarely anything is taught properly here in the states. Things have been regulated to nothing but standardized tests, in which memorization counts more than actual mastery of the material. Kids nowadays are good at doing school, and are not very good at school...
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    Star Ship Trooper Related To WC?

    Despite how true the movie was to the book, it was still just plain old fun to watch. Good graphics, big guns, plus a reporter being ripped to shreds! What more could you ask for? As far as good war-based novels, Night by Elie Wiesel is a great WW2 era book, written post war by a death camp...
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    Redux of WC games confirmed!

    Mine... <------------- Hell, I don't want to know...
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    Bangusetsu CIC

    You may be a mere yellow, happy turtle, BUT I AM THE...oh damn, I'm only a purple-haired chick. Double-damn.:confused:
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    Take Kilrathi a shower?

    But what element of the WC movie has been weighed and not found lacking?:eek:
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    yet another fan movie in the works :)

    About the movie; nice. As for the actors, look around. You might be able to find some fans that would volunteer to act. Just watch out for the weirdos. And follow through on this movie, been waiting for a half decent one for a while. So good luck and good hunting!;)
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    Bangusetsu CIC

    You, sir Treguard, are a very sick puppy. Someone close this thread before he tries to explain what Hentia is.
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    What's the Stupidest Way You've Died? (Now 20% More New And Improved!)

    Dumbest way I've died...hmmm. Well, I was playin' WC4, and on one of the missions you are supposed to force 2 Border World capships out of system. Well, me being the smart little kid I was, I afterburned my ship straight at the biggest of the 2 capships. Right before I smack into the hull, I...
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    Where are the Nephilim from?

    Thanks Ghost. For a minute there I felt like I was makin' a fool outta myself (again):rolleyes:
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    The originals

    Commando, check the Merchandise section of this site. I'm pretty sure it has links and names of a lot of WC products and the places you can buy/order them from. Hope this helps:)
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    Where are the Nephilim from? [2]

    A friend of mine once told me the reason a person feels sleepy/peaceable and warm after eating a filling meal is because the blood rushes from your brain to your stomach and intestines, in order to help in the digestion of food. I'm not sure if that is right, so if you are sure, tell me. A...
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    I'm might be wrong, but IIRC, Seether used an energy pistol of some sort to put a new airhole in some poor saps head in WC4. I know he's not a marine, but it's an example of an energy weapon being used in a ship. LOAF, please do correct me if I'm wrong.
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    What's your (Call)Sign?

    Well, let's see. I've used mine during the WC games, for Unreal Tournement, Alien Vs. Predator, and as AOL screen names. Nevarre Deccean, Rumuah, Catscratch(obviously), Fallen One(AvP), Fallen Hunter(AvP), Flameout, CrashnBurn, Shades, Render( one who rends), and for a time I was called...
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    Where are the Nephilim from?

    Now, the Nephilim do appear more advanced, do they not? Well, stars and star systems closer to the core are younger, IIRC. An advanced species has probably been around at least a little bit longer than us. So, to me it would make sense if they were a little bit farther away from the core, since...
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    Sorry, LOAF. I'm tired right now, and stupid today(only today?). So forgive any further dumb things I do. See ya all tommorrow.
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    Hello all

    a small step in the long process of recovery... :rolleyes:
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    He's kinda the granddaddy of all true and good science fiction. Look in your library for some of his books. They're pretty darned good. Now, 10 lashings for not knowing who Issac Asmiov is! ;)
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    Should Confed reactivate the Behemoths?

    Sounds like you're sufferin' from insomnia induced by stress. Try relaxin' for awhile. I'm an insomniac meself
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    Where are the Nephilim from?

    I think it's more like 2/4, IIRC. I have my Prophecy map somewhere(we just moved recently, so I can't find the darned thing.) I think it's the Alpha and Delta Quadrents/Sectors. Not sure though.:confused: