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    Need some help with dates

    loafs timeline is at
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    kilrathi saga joystick help

    im trying to play ks wc1 when i start the game with my joystick plugged in as soon as the intro is done the cursor get stuck in the bottom right corner im usign a sidewinder precision pro on win xp and it works fine in wc3 can anyone help?
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    In WC3 the Bloodfang and Excalibur had exactly the same stats. other than shape there was nothing different about it.
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    Custom Fighter

    yes someone else modeled it ont he computer for me. and im sure we will make a reason for the pipes to fit into the story
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    Custom Fighter

    they werent on the original lego model the modeler added them
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    Custom Fighter

    there just there the guy made the model for me added them
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    Custom Fighter

    i made it out of legos and that how the original one was. and the protusion was an engine but now its kind a observation deck with a small engine room for the one beside it
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    Custom Fighter

    it is a new ship we are using for the Wing Commander Saga mod its a new confed carrier design for dealing with the nephilim.
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    Custom Fighter

    it has 80 fighters look under the the ir missile launchers thats just a security detachment most carriers dont have alot of marines stationed that was new with the midwayt he marines have theyre own ships
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    Custom Fighter

    TCS Iwo Jima CV-85 Iwo Jima class Strike Carrier 200 Kps Maximum Veloclity 150 Kps Cruise Veloclity Phase Shields Bridge 2000 cm Engine Armor 2000 cm Side Armor 2000 cm Top Armor 2000 cm Bottom Armor 2000 cm Flight Deck Armor 2200 cm 3 Dual Anti-Matter Gun Turrets 2 Capship Missile...
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    TCS Matanza

    id say its looks like a fast carrier to me and i would place a hanger in between the double hull similar to the intrepid from wc4
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    Now that the series has been announced what are you HOPING for?

    i doubt they will use any of them partly because of the cost and also because Jason Bernard died in i think it was 97 or 98
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    Join The Marines

    Re: Re: Join The Marines the United States Marine Corps is not a part of the army it is technically a department of the Navy. and in reply to the comment that Marines are too expendable that would be the army you are talking about the United States Marine Corps is one of the most elite...
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    eder could you post pics of your model of the CVE
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    any texture artists out there

    who would be willing to texture a model for me
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    killie cat Dreadnaught

    get a visa buxx card you only have to be 13
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    Ship prices for WC Universe.

    ok i guess i was wrong. and the nuke thing was stupid i should of thought about it before i posted [Edited by wcwraith on 05-09-2001 at 15:37]
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    Ship prices for WC Universe.

    just about anyone can make a nuke its just getting the plutonium or uranium that is a problem
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    Ship prices for WC Universe.

    if u had a way of getting flashpacks wouldnt they work well isnt that part of what they were designed for
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    Why did you pick your name?

    a wraith is a mythical creature that sneaks up in the night and steal things. thats were i got my nick from im sure you can guess were the wc comes from