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    Jalthi 3D model not on screen

    I got a problem with a Jalthi fighter. I jumped to Blockade Point Alpha and i got attacked by an Jalthi, but the Problem was there was no 3D Model of the ship. Can i fix this problem easy? (It wasnt possible to attack the ship.) Paxan
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    Faction reputation

    Thats the problem, i haven't done something other. To test this out i started a new game. Another question to that. I got a confed mission to protect a confed galaxy. After that militia and hunters hab -11 in my reputationlist. The mission was to kill 7 pirates and protect for ~150000c.
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    Faction reputation

    Hi, i'm still triing Privateer 1.0 since some days and i still have a problem. I dont get the reputation higher. For example i killed 5 pirates (all my kills) and i fall down t0 -100 for pirates (is okay) but the reputation for merchants is down to -12 too. So now i have the problem that all...