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    Not Really Pertaining To WC, But...

    All the proper drivers are installed, and that's the only one. I Distinctly remember removing my old GeForce :)
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    Not Really Pertaining To WC, But...

    Ok, I've gotten a GeForce Fx5900 to compensate for the rest of the junk I have, until I upgrade completely. Anyway, I can't use it in AGP, all it says in Dxdiag is "Not Available". Could be anything, and I need figure this out sooner rather than later... Anyone got an idea?
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    The Word Game

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    Wing Commander Saga Preview Trailer Released

    Come to think of it, I would've preferred seeing more fighters Besides the Banshee, Vindicator, and Dragon being flown. I'm curious on how the Leech Gun is going to work also, is it going to work in a similiar capacity as the Akheton SDG?
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    Old vs New

    Yeah, Flying that mission drunk was hell :p
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    New Capship

    yea u r dum :rolleyes: :p One thing that no one mentioned that gives Smaller ships the advantage was their speed and manueverability(I know I spelled that wrong)... If Placed right, a Frigate or two or maybe a Single Destroyer could take a Cruiser down.
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    New Capship

    Dear Just an "idiot", Don't you mean Tertiary? I could be wrong, though.
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    Favorite fighter from WC3\4

    Unfortunatly, yes, but the Bearcat is still a joy to fly. IIRC, I took her up against the Vesuvius-- If that's not possible, then don't hold it against me, I was 7 at the time =P
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    New Capship

    Yeah, why is this thread still living anyway? It's just a certain un-named idiot bitching and yelling =)
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    Favorite fighter from WC3\4

    I voted for the Bearcat =) Lovely for what it's designed to do.
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    Most shocking WC moment

    Maybe you should watch this.
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    Tiger's Claw death

    Scapegoat =)
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    Tiger's Claw death

    IIRC, those Strakha's were either modified or Prototypes.
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    WC 2 Special Ops 1

    Get a Joystick Solves all your problems :)
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    Favorite fighter from WC3\4

    Only difference I saw was lack of Reaper guns.
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    Seether and Orlando Depot

    You're just angry because you want to get serviced.
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    Favorite fighter from WC3\4

    Excaliburs have very light armor. Keep that in mind the next time you blow one away.
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    B5/WC Crossover- "Battle of Sum'Tlor"

    I liked the Lincoln Quoted Kennedy part. Class A work, LOAF.
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    Tiger's Claw death

    -.- They can lock on while cloaked. Only thing that Cloaking stops is firing ordinance.
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    Favorite Wingman?

    Ejecting, then the mission is failed an being forced to go back to the Midway would do it, methinks.