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    New 3D Thread

    Hey klavs That was an impressive run. Neither my modeling skills nor stamina compared to yours and you started getting into this around the time I was burning out. When I started making the models I did it because none existed and I thought that was a travesty for wc fans who may want little...
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    wing commander saga early review/thoughts

    I just completed the game. 9/10 Thank you. I needed that. I agree with many of the complaints. Coms were useless, excalibur was too powerful compared to other fighters, and aces that are scripted impossible even when I rapidly toggle full energy-guns and keep shooting and dumbfiring their...
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    I beat one of Maniacs records...

    Is it actually possible to beat one of the games without exceeding his kill record? Even on the hardest difficulty? I havent admitadly beat them all on their hardest.
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    The Hellcat V refit project

    If you want to discuss this further email me
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    The Hellcat V refit project

    I fully understand the OC. The OC in me is wanting a crack at painting the vampire or banshee. But shipping between the states and south africa. ouch.
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    Nephilim Remodels

    Is your goal to have just models for the computer or physically. I encountered the same problem when I was modeling my 3d printed models that there wasnt a lot of good reference material. WCNEWS had the best references so I had to make up the details as I went( I...
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    A silly challenge...

    Since we seem to have that one finished.... Lets not forget songs and and lulu byes. ====================================== In the first wave of gauntlet, the nephilim set 'for me, a skate from a cluster of threee.... In the second wave of gauntlet, ol kilrah set 'for me, two dralthi and a ...
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    Do you get the feeling that you can never get a straight answer as to why exactly they wont allow it? Do you get the feeling that resubmitting the same model 3 different times will get you 3 different failures. Well you have 2 options 1. 3d print a brick wall and beat it against your head...
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    3D Printed Starfighters

    Ahhh not so fond memories of that message. :mad: It generally means the model needs a "large enough hole" to extract the material. If your model doesn't have a hole to begin with just put a small 1-3mm hole in the bottom of the ship for mounting anyway. That should open up the cavity. BUT...
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    Mass Effect 3

    Excited. I had to make a rule Im not allowed to buy it for a month so that I can "pre make it up"to my family for the amount of time they wont be able to interact with me. ok and so I can finish a painting commission because once I hit start, I will do NOTHING productive until it is finished...
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    Rapier Redux

    Nice, So 1. Was it done by SW, if so what storefront. if not then where. 2. can you rescale it for roughly 2.5-3 cm wingspan that would make them ~10USD to print and nice little ships to add to my collection.. Please oh please? I was eventually going to get around to modeling them for...
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    physical models to buy?

    I found out yesterday that shapeways is increasing their prices. this has a small effect on the larger WC models but the small fighters and mid sized cruisers will be hit harder as they are adding a handling fee per model. This means cruisers will increase in price by 20-50% and fighter sets...
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    Treasures of the Archangel Quadrant: Yena (September 16, 2011)

    Thank you Seeing these makes my soul ache for the game I never got to play. Perhaps they might reconsider it for development... When you find the alternate reality in which this game was not cancelled I'm moving.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Is a New Wing Commander Already In the Works? (September 8, 2011)

    There are multiple "ways around this" IE computer interfaces that use the "old heros" or flashbacks that include them for critical plot points. You could have an old admiral casey who has flashbacks in which he learned important lessons affecting his decisions in the "present" Or cheesy evil...
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    physical models to buy?

    Nice find on those cat minis. I cant wait to see your ground combat game on a table. It will make me wish I were affluent enough to actually fly to a nonlocal con... or germany =) Great pictures! In other news I have a couple more models up on SW, and hope to have them proofed within a...
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    physical models to buy?

    Thanks! Unfortunately I was not a big fan of the designs in the movie. I will be modeling wc1, wc2, privateers before I even think of the movie designs. (read as Ill never get to them) But anyone else with 3d modeling experience is more than encouraged to model them, or even the wc1 and...
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    physical models to buy?

    Indeed. I play a handful of times each year because family, work, and life like to impose their own demands. But you have to have a second childhood at some point! Even if its just a few hours a month strung out. You should always find some way to play, no matter how old or busy.
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    physical models to buy?

    Steltek Carrier After about the 5th attempt at photographing this thing I got a batch that works well enough. I eventually had to photograph it on a light blue background so I could both get dynamic range and a color that is easily removed. The model itself is quite smooth, most of the...
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    Dead genres and the reason they died

    Ive contemplated this as well. Mech games. I think the problem with these is most people don't like the slower response (big mech has to have inertia) and tactical aspects. being big and powerful is fun but I think "simulators" turn a lot of lazy gamers off. Many who want to shoot want...
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    physical models to buy?

    Not sure what you mean by If you mean in game, its fluff to be a ship developed around prophecy or later. It includes design influence from the kilrathi dreadnaught, but also sees a need for a faster cruiser that is heavily armored enough to deal with the Neph threat. It has 2 squadrons of...