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    WC Academy Cartoon

    The cartoon was entertaining. My cousin now plays the game because of the shows. It served its purpose and I hope something like that appears again to show people that WC isnt really dead, but in stasis. :)
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    Need some help with dates

    I think it was inhabited by pirates long ago.
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    Maniac's reaction to end of WCP?

    He might get depressed because Blair was his rival and with no competition Maniac might become a wash-out or die in battle.
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    Doug Funny

    That would be wierd, a lesbian Patty. "Doug I dont love you, I love Bebe"
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    What did Blair say?

    probably 'Fun' or 'honor'. I dont know, I didnt pay much attention to that clip.
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    Apology to all

    uhhh what did you do exactly? that way I can compare it to my recent actions. :) Seriously, I want to know.
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    Confed Politics in 2681

    Maniac being put out to pasture :D
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    Cadet Blair & Admiral Burgstrom Part II

    Re: How is her name spelled? Might I remind you of a disclaimer on Myster Science Theatre 3000, Chip? "Keep repeating to yourself: Its just a show." :D
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    Blair Still Alive?

    I have an idea, but I dare not venture. :(
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    Blair Still Alive?

    I agree I am a person of religion, but even I know that all this is fake. Those who bicker about games or stories like Hairy Pots, Magic, and Star Wars need to actually see it before they complain.
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    Captain To the Bridge

    She's a museum now, it would be kinda funny though. "Battle Stations everyone!" "To your left folks, we see the bridge of a Confederation carrier. Its use was to coordinate---" "Excuse me, we are in the middle of a battle here." "Well I am in the middle of a tour!"
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    Consoles or no?

    PC. The consoles nowadays have analog and D-pad, in the heat of battle you could slip up and start cussing. I did that with my 7yr old nephew's X-Box and man were my parents mad at me for that.
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    Blair Still Alive?

    Maybe the 'father' of Anakin was a British guy from Earth and left Tatooine. That would explain why some people speak in British accents where there is no Britain, they guy went on a tour of the galaxy. :D :D
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    Blair Still Alive?

    I think they should take a moment from a great Mel Brooks film: "Anakin I am your brother's mother's sister's half cousin's former roomate." "What does that make us?" "Absolutely nothing."
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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    I saw WC one when I was little, when I saw the VGA Kilrathi I thought 'cool' when he spoke I nearly screamed. Years later I get WC2 and collected from there.
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    Blair Still Alive?

    "Anakin, I am your son!" :D
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    Happy Birthday Loaf!

    Out of choas came order, then its sibling LOAF. :D Happy Birthday.
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    Blair Still Alive?

    Naw, The way I see it he went dying with a gun in his hands and fighting the aliens. Granted thats a Marine's death, but still its a noble death.
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    WC IV endings

    *Breaths a sigh of relief* Oh thank goodnes! Thanks for clearing that up.
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    WC IV endings

    I got the one where Blair flys a Banshee for a while and Maniac annoys Paladin for a second. Then I replayed it and I got Blair as commander of the Black Lance.