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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    My first Wing Commander was Wing Commander III, in 1994. I had always been a fan of space flight sims, but X-Wing and TIE Fighter primarily held my fancy, so I didn't really get drawn to Wing Commander until I watched one of those entertainment hollywood shows on tv, and saw that Mark Hamill...
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    Cockpits or no Cockpits

    I prefer not to have cockpit art enabled while flying, however, I do like to be available so I can switch it on and have something to look at during a relatively dull moment :)
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    My first Wing Commander was Wing Commander III. I used to buy Ultima games over the years, and I saw Wing Commander in the little advertisements that came with Ultima games, but I said to myself -- nah. I was happy with X-wing and TIE Fighter games. Then in 1994, I was watching one of those...
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    Richard Garriott to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

    I do hope we see more work from him and Chris Roberts!
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    General Grievous Costume

    Wow, nice General Grievous :)
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    R-Named Death Again

    He was a great comedian. I'll miss him :(
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    My first Wing Commander game was Wing Commander 3. I bought it after seeing on television that Mark Hamill was the star. Plus I love space flight sims, and thought it was neat to play an interactive movie.
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    Question about WCIV sound format.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try option 2 first and see if the quality is OK :)
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    Question about WCIV sound format.

    I want to extract one line from Wing Commander IV for my own personal use (when Tolwyn says "The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance" if anyone is curious"). I want it in decent quality. I've heard games have different formats, from mpg, to AAC or ACC ... I have both the 6 CD version of WC IV...
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    For Shamee!!!....

    According to this: He is not confirmed for this year. :/ I wouldn't be surprised if he was added on in the next month or so, though...
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    One for all you video game historians

    This brings back some rather bad memories of doing Apple IIe word processing in my computer class at Catholic school :D
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    fave quote from wc

    "Where's my rubber dickie???"
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    fave quote from wc

    "Die, inferior!"
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    Rise From Your Grave!

    Isn't that what the voice said in the video game "Altered Beast"?
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    Wing Commander 4 DVD in WindowsXP (w/ DirectShow)

    Thank you for the tip, Wuqked :) Actually, my joystick is the only USB item I have plugged in. When I played other games in Windows 95 mode, like Wing Commander 3 or 4 (6 CD version), my joystick didn't work. It wasn't until I installed the joystick fix for those two games that I was able to use...
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    Fav Wc4 Character

    That makes sense to me, but check out the scene where Prince Thrakhath is speaking to the Victory. He says "Heart of the Tiger" and right after that, Hobbes acts very strangely. Of course, it could be some emotional response from seeing Prince Thrakhath again, but when I saw it I thought to...
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    Wing Commander 4 DVD in WindowsXP (w/ DirectShow)

    Thanks so much for this patch, guikoza :) It's like exploring a whole new game! I missed WUQKED's post (I was so excited from getting WC4 DVD today I skimmed through these posts, and apparently missed some vital information), but I have tried doing CTRL J and ALT O. Neither work for me :( I'm...
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    Fav Wc4 Character

    If you mean psychologically, go to the files section of CIC, and watch the holovid left by Hobbes in Blair's locker. That should explain everything.
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    Wing Commander 4 DVD in WindowsXP (w/ DirectShow)

    Greetings! I just got the DVD in the mail today, and tried to use it. Without the patch, in Windows 95 compatibility mode, and it actually works for me, except the joystick (MS Sidewinder) does not function, and every time it's time to show a movie file, it tells me the movie file is missing...
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    Fav Wc4 Character

    Seether served his purpose well. Whatever you say about the quality of his performance, admit it, you did want to kill the guy in combat.