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    Democracy dies ?

    Being Austrian myself I can assure you that in this context it is no problem at all because quite true. The Austrian currency was quite closely pegged to the Deutsche Mark long before the Euro and we always had have a similar macroeconomical policy. And given their respective economical impact...
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    Need creative suggestions

    I really like your maneuvering thrusters and I dont know if you are planning an animation with this model but I think those thrusters should be covered by protective doors so they are not vulnerable to attacks! (I think in a warship as much machinery as possible should stay inside of a ship)...
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    I am just playing Episode 3 at the moment! I do not know if it was mentioned anywhere but I just wanted to tell you that I really like your design of the Concordia-class Fleet-Carriers! (TCS Verdun) The half open flight deck its an exceptionel well thought out piece of work because its...
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    Wing Commander Tactics Rapier done

    Thanks for noticing this little detail, the cockpit was a bitch to work on :) @ Chevieblazer Hm, no problem but but most of the vertices are used for the rather detailed and perfectly round weapons and for the cockpit, the ship itself doesn't have so many vertices, so how many vertices are...
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    Wing Commander Tactics Rapier done

    Well I made a low-poly(about 1800 vertices) wing commander 1 rapier a while back which I also used in an animation and if you like you could use it. Although it's only a low-poly model I tried to make it as accurate as the blueprints from claw-marks would allow. So if you aim for more...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    I watched the movie tonight and I think it's really the best of the new ones but there were a few things I didn't understand. 1. How is it possible to misinterpret the prophecy saying that the chosen one will bring balance to the force. I mean there is a whole jedi order with I do not know...
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    I was surprised to find so much detailed information on wing commander capital ships and figthers on wikipedia, anyone knows who's done all those entries and if they are canon?
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    Concordia (Confederation Dreadnought) sister ships?

    Hmmm, well with 8 fully functional AMG's and the ability to withstand up to 3 torpedo-hits (fleet action) it seems that the confederation class could very well operate as a true battleship. And the problem with the flight deck is shared by all carriers of the kilrathi war, at least she has...
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    Concordia (Confederation Dreadnought) sister ships?

    Well reading this thread I am a bit confused why you are so sure that all terran confederation class ships must have been destroyed by the mid sixties. Since I have not done that much research on this to my understanding it's all about the TCS Armaggedon and that we do not no for sure what class...
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    Melek's Surrender

    I think the most emotional moment was the court martial of admiral tolwyn. I always liked him and seeing this grand man going down was sad, also the music at the court martial was excellent.
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    Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus Papam

    Well to my understanding the papal infallible mainly states that the pope just has the last word in his church, I wouldnt go that far to say he is always right by definition but as the big boss of the organization his word is law. (To some degree every boss of an enterprise thinks he/she is...
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    Battle of Venice

    Well, I would like to thank you all for your very positve feedback and encouragements, I am just glad you liked my little movie. :D
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    Thanks for the quick reply tolwyn, I am just curious do we actually see a confed dreadnought in the game-missions or is it just for the tech-database?
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    Battle of Venice

    Sorry, here is a working link:
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    Hm, all screenshots are looking gorgeous but you sucessfully managed to withhold a screenshoot of one of my favorite ships I was looking forward to see in the wc-saga/freespace engine. So when do you intend to post pictures of the CONFEDERATION CLASS DREADNOUGHT PLEASE? :confused:
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    Battle of Venice

    Thank you all for your feedback @ AKAImBatman, I agree it would have been nicer if the claw would finish the base but afaik the base is destroyed in the last mission of wc1 by the player character (bluehair) and hunter, we only see the claw in the ending sequence destroying some...
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    Battle of Venice

    Hi, I recently finished my first animation with a few wing commander models I made. Since this animation takes place in the Wing Commander 1 timeframe I tried to give it a comic-style look and I hope you like it! Here are a few pics from the animation: And here is the link for the file...
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    Wc1 Questions

    Thank you very much bandit but your answers raises another question where do you get the name for the Kharak Tar Star Post? It's not mentioned in the game afaik (maybe from the novel "freedom flight"? didnt read that one...) and second do we know the cat commander of this star post? (after...
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    Wc1 Questions

    Just a few questions regarding WC1 1. Who was in command of the Tiger's Claw during the venice offensive? (last wc1mission) Tolwyn or Thorn? 2. Do we know Captain Thorns first name? What's his rank? (All commanding officers are called captain but that is not necessarily their rank) Do we...