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    All of WC4’s Flight Deck Damage Models in One Place (January 19, 2023)

    Out of curiosity, did anyone ever mod flyable WC3 fighters into WC4? (e.g. Arrow / Thunderbolt / Excalibur)
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    I never understood why Tolwyn hated Blair so much.

    I always liked Tolwyn's character development through the games. His arc (to me anyway) was very much a logical progression of an honorable military officer dealing with a difficult command situation for years that turns into a "Space Hitler" by virtue of having led humanity through a war that...
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    Any WC-like game you recommend?

    Any of you ever play X4 and its expansions? If so, what did you think of it?
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    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    WC1- Asteroid Fields spawning asteroid fields in front of you no matter which way you turned, with little regard to how fast you were going WC2- Thrakhath's flagship looked awesome..... but you never get to blow it up (or better yet, watch it get phase transit cannoned) WC3- I loved WC3-...
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    In that case, anyone interested in setting up a multiplayer game of this at some point? Let me know... I don't mind being the evil Kilrathi Empire. :)
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    So, first off, this mod is pretty awesome. The models are beautiful, and the mod really nails the Wing Commander "feel." I've always wanted to play a real time RTS using Wing Commander units since I was a kid. :) That said, I have a question- I haven't really played the base Homeworld game...
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    It's not Wing Commander

    I think it may be a reboot of the WC Universe, but who knows? It sounds cool regardless!
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    Configuring Sound in WC1 and WC3 in GOG's Dosbox

    I tried looking for a thread on configuring GOG's Dosbox- both games run pretty well and have joystick support on my setup (My old Microsoft Sidewinder, Windows 7, NVidia 8600 GT, Realtek High Def Audio). However, I can't get the authentic audio from either game- both games sound like they are...
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    Most overrated fighter?

    You know, it didn't make the list, but money is on the Bearcat as being the most overrated fighter ever- it seemed like it was supposed to be an Excal replacement, but it had a crummy gun lay out (to the point where even with auto tracking it was tough to hit things with all four tachs) and a...
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    Wing Commander 2010

    I don't know, I kinda like the short, center mounted tower- it has a real "modernized" WC3 feel to it. What about adding some shorter "wings" to the conning tower kind of like the WC2 Concordia / WC1 Tiger's Claw or a modern day submarine? The wings don't have to be as pronounced as either of...
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    Problems? Post them here...

    I have a couple problems, but this is a great, great game- obviously made by some very talented and dedicated WC fans. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the WC Community and the general public at large! This is a far better game then most multi-million dollar big budget releases...
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    WC2 crashes during second mission

    I had the same issue- dosbox .65 + "loadfix -16 wc2" fixed it.
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    Starship troopers 3 trailer...

    It's an ugly planet.... a BUG planet.
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    Star Trek XI Teaser

    Yeah, but even though Cloverfield is supposed to be like an "amateur" movie, it's still a terrible experience to watch. Any major studio movie that excessively shakes the camera around on purpose to convey "amateurism" or "excitement" (REALLY pointing my finger at the Jason Bourne series (and...
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    WC:CD Buccaneer

    I happen to like the big guns- just because guns appear smaller in WC3 doesn't mean that all other ships are universally equipped that way post WC3.
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    Favorite Gun...

    Stormfire, Stormfire, Stormfire- only downside was limited ammo. That said, of the more "conventional" guns- The Excal's quad Tachs- the WC3 /4 tachyon guns were great- the refire rate was good, the damage was high, and the bolts moved. The only downsides were range and power drain- but...
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    Transport Duel!!!

    The Pelicans had what appeared to be a flight deck in the middle of them... they almost struck me as small warships given the flight deck and turret armament (especially compared to other WC transports)
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    Gothri Gripe

    Wow. that looks like a WC1 cinematic instead of WC2!
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    What caused the TCS Concordia's destruction

    Actually, didn't Star Soldier merely say that a cloak was responsible, but not specifically cloaked fighters?
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    Piloting Flaw

    In WC2? Getting too smart with the afterburners in the Epee for my own good and becoming a splatter on the rear turret windshield of a Grikath on multiple occasions.