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    Need some help here

    no use... i need a way to look models, not take screens. i need alien fighters, excaliburs, thunderstorms -- u cant screenshot those in SO [This message has been edited by copseman (edited August 30, 2000).]
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    Ship Models - need help

    Peeps, i c u r all wizards in it here =) can u tell me what to use for viewing models from prophecy-so. I need either models or good topdown screens of confed fighters but dunno a way to get them (well, i tried shooting screens but i only have so and only 5 ships r used there and i need 8 +...
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    Need some help here

    Please can anybody tell me how to view models (ships) from WC... i need topdown views of confed fighters from prophecy-so but i dunno yhe way to get it thx