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    Timeline between Secret Ops & WC Arena..

    JasonRocZ, it sounds like an ambitious and promising undertaking, and I'm sure everybody here hopes you go ahead with it! But I also underline the points made by some of the others that this community has seen a plethora of promised fan things over the years that never delivered too (I'm guilty...
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    Blair & Paladin's Pilgrim Crosses

    Thanks to ChrisReid for the picture inclusion me thinking, though. It looks like there's some scribbling across the top arc of the Cross. Is that for design purposes (i.e. just a visual flourish), or is it some kind of universal Pilgrim expression or some such thing (like a...
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    Arena: Hope System??

    I thought I remember reading in a few places that a new system (Hope) was discovered during some point of the Nephilim War? Or am I all wet on that? Any exciting information about this? Where (again) does it fit on the Universe map? (sorry for all the posts, everybody...but I'm engaged...
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    Post-Nephilim War Economy & Political Stability

    On looking through Star*Soldier and just observing the gameplay concept behind Wing Commander Arena, I've been wondering about the post-Nephilim War Economy and Political Stability of all the major players in the Wing Commander Universe that would have perhaps been affected by the "new" war...
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    Blair & Paladin's Pilgrim Crosses

    In looking over a few older posts, I saw LeHah and TC contributed some interesting background knowledge about the deleted scenes and subplots from the Wing Commander movie (can be found here: For those that don't feel like reading through...
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    Distances & Time in the WC Universe

    Not sure if this has been asked (if it has, I can't really think on how to do an effective search through the forums on it), but I'm a bit curious about distances and the time it takes to get there in the Wing Commander Universe. I suppose if we wanted to get technical about it, we could take...
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    What would you REALLY do in Wing Commander

    There's a good question, and kudos to Mjr. Whoopass for coming up with something fairly original to actually sit down and think about. During wartime, I'd probably just go from one odd job in some backwater system to another...maybe see about getting a civilian pilot license just so I could...
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    Nigerian Scammer

    Tend to agree with Ed on this one. Although I must confess that I do find it somewhat entertaining watching two people going back and forth, stringing one another along to see how far they can push it. I still want to echo the others in urging you to be safe, though, McGruff. The Wing...
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    Halo 3 is out today!

    Got it, played it, beat it (Normal Difficulty), loved it, and I feel bad for those who haven't, won't, or don't. ;) Halo 3 was my favorite of the three hand-down. I thought the ending was appropriate and artfully done from a "we might or might not come back to this" standpoint [I think Bungie...
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    Research? Bah! (August 21, 2007)

    Yeah, you have a good point there. Hypothetically, EA would just sit on it till someone bought the franchise for top dollar. I do hate how some of these well-known older series got gobbled up by some corporate machine. Kind of makes you wonder if they'll ever consider dropping a buck to...
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    Research? Bah! (August 21, 2007)

    As the undisputed #1 Wing Commander history buff of the universe, I can understand LOAF's outrage at the inaccuracies of the article; this is something the man feels more passionate for than I dare say I've felt towards anything in my life to date! Additionally, the article may be written in...
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    god is real and despises me!!

    Woah, dude... :eek: Kind of reminds me of flying a mission with Maniac when he goes a bit postal with the friendly fire, beats the heck out of your bird, and then when you order him back to base, he gives you one of those "no can do, Colonel" smarta** remarks... This poor little guy needs...
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    Old Great Games beloved by WC Fans

    Weird - was just thinking about this very topic the other day and started reminiscing... Descent was awesome as was Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Sim City (I also enjoyed Sim Ant for awhile in there), Warcraft I & II...what else? Dominator mentioned Indiana Jones and the Fate of...
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    Star*Soldier Continuity & Reference Breakdown

    Other random speculative stuff... Yeah, hopping onboard this thread a week late or so, but figured I'd chime in with a few things that made me contemplate things: The obvious - characters like Maniac and Bear lived to the "present" (ads for both on the 15th page .pdf). Of course there's the...
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    The Best Games Never Published

    Thought of three more titles that could've used a sequel, had a sequel cancelled, or whatever: "Breakdown" on XBox (IGN link was the "best" I could find) "Advent Rising" on PC & XBox (sequel was cancelled & I think the company went under) and "Max Payne 3" on PC & XBox (may or may not...
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    The Best Games Never Published

    Starsiege: 2845
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    earth like planet found in another solar system

    My thoughts and opinions, for what little they're worth: I'll join you in that weird boat, Howard. Unfortunately, though, when you're surrounded by people who are putting their money into trying to get you killed, you can't just exclusively turn to the stars and trust that things will be...
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    Happy Birthday LOAF! (April 19, 2007)

    Belated Happy Birthday to LOAF A little slow on the draw here, but a very happy belated birthday to you, LOAF! May we all look forward to many more blissful years of Wing Commander education under your expert tutelage! :)
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    Morningstar or Sabre?

    Oh, man...well LOAF just ruined this one for me! :o At certain angles (especially from behind), I feel like I'm looking at the same dang ship!!! For my own part, though, the Sabre always has been and always will be my #1 baby. Wing Commander 2 was my first foray into the Wing Commander...
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    Why skids?

    Maybe it makes more sense from an inventory standpoint? If you need to repair landing gear, you just need to frakenstein yourself a hunk of metal to put underneath the craft (that could maybe also be used as armor paneling or some such as well) rather than have a bunch of round wheels just...