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    Action stations questions

    I remember reading somewhere that Action Stations was supposed to be the first in a trilogy that was suppose to describe the early stages of the war, and that all the "missing" plot points you mentioned were supposed to be discussed in the squeals, including how Kruger managed to get of the...
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    Historic Firearms

    Well, It might not be the real deal, but, for less then 4,000$ you can buy a modern day Semi-Automatic BAR replica in here: XXXXXXXXXXX It is made as an SLR (Self-Loading Rifle - hence, semi-auto) in order to comply with US firearm laws. Personally, I'd love to buy one of these, or better yet...
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    What are Standoff's minimum system requirements?

    Hi. The basics would be just fine. Thanks
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    What are Standoff's minimum system requirements?

    Or more to the point.... will it run on my netbook? (Intel Atom 1.66Mhz, Integrated graphics card (GMA 500?) and 1 GB memory) IIRC it should be enough for the original prophecy, but what about all the extras you put in?
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    The X-Wing Theory

    I have read a few star wars books (and read OF a few others) - in general, these feets, (of a single fighter destroying a full size star destroyer) do not usually happen in the books - more often, the fighters would take out the shield generators, and would still need to repeatedly pound the...
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    Restart the War! (December 4, 2008)

    Well, personally I think it's a nice piece - I Have some pretty good memories from most of these games (hadn't played all of them). However, I think they have a little mix-up - looks like they mistakenly switched first and second places... ;)
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    The Best News (October 22, 2008)

    Congratulations, Dad... ;)
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    Making the Games: Kilrathi Fighter (October 18, 2008)

    I actually prefers the first, with the asymmetrical large wing - reminds me a boxer making a long, aggressive left hook or something - very Kilrathi looking :) In general, fengs Kil-ships are much more WC-likish :)
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    reasonable predictions for a new WC game

    How about a different view of 2654 Vega campaign - maybe as a pilot of the TCS Kyoto (And you'd actually get to fly with Blair in Venice...)
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    Making the Games: Confederation Fighter (October 15, 2008)

    Looking at the fighters I must stay on the retro side - I've always preferred WC1 and WC2 styling, both for capships and especially for fighters, and this case is no different for me - these are really good designs - they just to "space-aged" and flimsy looking for me.
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    Possible Garage Addition

    Uh... Why would you guys need a supersonic fighter in your back yard? planning a quick get away?
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    I'm finally getting hitched

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    newbie on a personal mission/showing off my new toys :P

    Very nice! How do you sculpt the mini's
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    A personal off-topic

    Thanks for the congrats. Hope you'll ace your bar-exams too :D
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    A personal off-topic

    Thanks guys! and about that... I intend to!
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    A personal off-topic

    Hi guys! I wanted to share with you something personal. In my profile I've stated that I'm a CPA Intern - well, today I've passed my last obstacle - Today I've past my finale Bar exam - I finally got the grad after more then two and a half months of tense waiting! Now I'll finally have...
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    Standoff Team Completes Final Cutscenes (August 2, 2008)

    Well, they've already cast the Raptor aside to fly this new civie... what not move the civie?
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    Standoff Team Completes Final Cutscenes (August 2, 2008)

    Could we please FLY the Vatari - in the simulator that is... please... PLEASE... Pretty please with sugar on top PLEASE!!!!!!! :D
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    COMIC BOOKS! (was: Coping with Depression)

    and more to the topic I like comics, although I must admit I prefer the star wars and star trek comics rather then the "main-stream" DC comics and the likes, probably more for the contents (SW & ST) then for the comics itself. I would like to recommend an on-line comic strip named "Crimson...
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    COMIC BOOKS! (was: Coping with Depression)

    Don't want to step on any toes, but what is the idea behind the multiple-accounts idea?! Lets put aside the fact that it was forbidden by the rules of the forum... what does this "Philip Tanaka/Brown and proud/TCS Victory" guy or that "Sandoval/whatever" dude get from having multiple accounts...