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    Who invented the airplane?

    Nice article indeed ! The most important statement is, in my opinion, this sentence : Apparently, the debate comes down to how you define the first flight of an airplane. It is not stated here but if you ask in France most people will say that the first man to fly an airplane was Clément...
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    That's a very sad event. Hope it won't stop the American manned space program too long. Until the shuttle (or something else) fly again, the ISS can be reached by Soyuz cabins. If you're talking about the very first prototype (if I remember weel, Enterprise was its name), it was only used...
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    PNR Films (Real group or practical joke?)

    Ho I see... So the question is closed ! But that's a good news ! :cool: I was really thinking, since the beginning of this thread, that it was a very bad joke.
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    PNR Films (Real group or practical joke?)

    I just went to the site once more and that's true that it has been designed by a compagny. Or at least by someone who is skillfull using flash (both on the technical and artistic side). That's a good point aginst the joke theory. Or maybe the joker is a very motivated multimilionaire ? ;)...
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    PNR Films (Real group or practical joke?)

    I checked the whois database to know who registred the site and here is the answer : You may be able to buy this domain name through Organization: Chris Roberts Christopher Roberts 4521 Commanders Point Drive Austin, TX 78734...
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    When real life imitates Wing Commander

    The first probe using such "ion engines" was launched in 1998 (Deep Space 1) in order to test this technology in real conditions. Since then, 2 or 3 other probes with such engine were launched and very soon (maybe next year, I don't remember very well), some telecommunication satellites...
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    Happy Birthday Loaf!

    Oh God, I'm late ! Happy Birthday Loaf !!!! :cool:
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    Bangusetsu CIC

    The guy who designed this 1st April board is a genius ! I thought I was in the 4th dimension when I first saw that... Until I realised which day we are. Great job ! :D
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    Wing Commander links in Ultima

    I think UW1 was released after WC2. I remember being disapointed by the voices of the intro which were far inferior to those of WC2.
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    It seems very wingcommanderish... As far as I know, a GBA is far more powerfull than a 386sx, so it could be a great game !
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    Tarawa Class Escort Carrier Pic

    Well I really don't know what it could be. I think this problem has to do with my windows, because I have the same problem using 2 different browsers. But if your page is only pure html, I don't see how my system can not be compatible... It is the first time it happens ! It tryied on the...
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    Tarawa Class Escort Carrier Pic

    So I will try to download it. I've got Ie 5 sp2 & Netscape 6.01 running JRE 1.3 . In fact that's weird because when I go to the first page, I only see the logo on a black background. But I can view the source of the page and read the text that sould be displayed but is not !
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    Tarawa Class Escort Carrier Pic

    BTW, when I go to your web site (using I can only see the logo and I can't go further. Is that normal ??
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    Realm of the Privateer

    I you remember its url, you can try at . They keep copies of old web pages.
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    Favorite Kilrathi Ship . . .

    I like the style of the Jalthi. It looks deadfull ! And if it was a little faster, it would be ! I loved flying the stealth fighter in Armada. But I forgot its name...
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    I must know....

    When I first saw this cutscene, 3 or 4 years ago, I believed that Blair was dead.It was not the end I was waiting for our hero, but it was what I saw. Even if I had played all the previous WC (except the 4th) I did not try to relieve some details that could proove that Blair was dead... or was...
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    I must know....

    First, I would like to say that we can not be sure of the REAL evolution of the WC story without asking to those who wrote it. Did they want Blair to die ?? I mean, as the story is still unachieved, all we have to do is to extrapolate, but nobody is right or wrong. The only mean to close this...
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    The real effects of a thermonuclear weapon

    Hey I have just read the link provided by, Loaf. That's very good ! I think you will find my materials a little dull after that...
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    The real effects of a thermonuclear weapon

    Fusion bombs produce radiation because they need a nuclear explosion (produced by a nested fisssion bomb) to detonate. Furthermore, fusion bombs do not use hydrogen, but deuterium and tritium which are isotopes of hydrogen. The last one being a radioactive element. Five years ago, I did a...
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    The real effects of a thermonuclear weapon

    The temperature around the "explosion" would still dramaticaly be increased. So if a nuke detonated near a spaceship, its hull would probably melt (at least without shielding).