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    Wing Commander model

    I was able to contact him and he replied. Asking him if he was willing to sell some minis or even better the meshes I did not get any reply. I did take your advice and used a translator but apparently he is not interested. Sadly... If anyone has good connections with him I would apreciate...
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    TCS Concordia (from movie)

    I wish I had that Mesh dude.... This one and a Tigerclaw fromt he movie plus some Rapiers would make a nice set of miniatures.
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    Making Miniatures?

    Hi guys. Apparantly it is not possible to get in touch with forum member kiyara who did an excellent Tigerclaw and Rapier from the WC movie. My question now is whether someone is in touch with him and/or if there are 3D files for these and other ships. I wanted to create a small fleet of...