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    Muppets in Space

    Frell me dead! and All hail the Raven-haired Goddess! (Sorry, couldn't resist that! ;) I'll stop now.)
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    Muppets in Space

    Off topic, but I have to know :) : Talyn 83: Are you a Farscape fan?
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    People, please calm down! :) Before jumping to conclusions about whether or not Freelancer will suck because of its control interface go to the TLR and you'll get all the info that is currently available to the public. (There is even a transcript of Bargib's visit to DA's HQ in July.)
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    DS9 writers read 'Fleet Action'

    Pah, there's only one REAL villain....Scorpy! :) ...Oh wait, have to go now and get my coolant supply renewed! :D
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    Where in the heck can I find Privateer?

    Thanks, WW. I just checked an old game magazin article and found out the same (although I could have checked the "Game Guides" section earlier, too :)).
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    WC4 Missiles

    The Arrow has the same gun configuration (2 Ion/2 Laser) as the Hellcat...
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    Where in the heck can I find Privateer?

    Well, I just remembered the situation (3 Jalthis that attack an Exeter) since it was soo long ago that I played it :)
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    Where in the heck can I find Privateer?

    Zim: Sure they can. I remember one mission (SM1/2?) where you and Angel had to defend a cruiser (Gwenhyvar?) against three Jalthi. I managed to fend them off with this little manoeuvre: Since two of the Jalthi form a wing I position my Raptor behind the wing leader and before his wingman can...
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    WC4 Carrier Attack mission

    How to complete that mission successfully was a mystery for me for quite some time, too. After disabling the engines (all three) and destroying the turrets you have to keep firing at the Princeton until it shows 50% damage. When it sustained enough damage the Johns Hopkins will jump in and...
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    Sound! Glorious Sound! In P1 with a SBLive!

    I think Styles meant to say "PNP OS". :)
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    best captain

    How about James Morrison or William Saddler (Sheriff Valenti from Roswell)?
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    Best superfighter

    Well, In the novel it is stated that the BL pilots may possess superior flighing skills but lack in experience and tactical knowledge.
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    Whatever happened to...

    Look at the pics I posted earlier. Now, who could be the girl with the big frelling gun? :) (I don't have my DVDs around right now, so I can't post a pic of the gun in use. Or do you want a pic of the girl with a box of Lucky Charms? :D )
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    Whatever happened to...

    mpanty: Only SciFi. I don't have much time having two jobs and even working on Sundays. LeHah: I saw that one coming from miles away. :) And yes, beauty is a matter of taste. My opinion is based not only on on-screen appearance, but also on off-screen behaviour (like accessibility by fans...
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    Whatever happened to...

    Okay, I'll rephrase my previous statement: "Here are two of the best-looking girls I've seen on TV so far:" Better? :) In REAL LIFE(TM), that's a totally different story... ;)
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    Hello, I'm new here

    To me, the English WC novels that I have are quite easy to read and understand. But some English novels I read are really difficult to understand. For example, I once bought a used copy of a Dune novel (Children of Dune, I think). When I read it I had to use a dictionary for several words on...
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    Me neither. :D
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    Whatever happened to...

    Now, why is it that everybody seems to favour redheads? (BTW, I guess you're also fans of Alyson Hannigan then, right?) Here are two of the best-looking girls I've seen so far: I have to mention that I'm a big fan of the show?
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    WC Prophecy Lagging Problems

    Very strange. Since I don't use a Diamond Monster sound card myself I'm not sure why this icon isn't there. Isn't there a utility program installed that you use to configure your card?
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    WC Prophecy Lagging Problems

    There should be a "Monster Sound" icon on your taskbar. If so, double click it, then go to the "Preference" tab and check "Enable Direct Sound Safe Mode". Restart the system.